Thursday, December 8, 2011

i am telling you stories..

okie, actually this is a long delayed update.. i just dont feel like updating.. dunno why.. who cares actually.. btw, i still want to tell the stories.. (the actual reason, i am stuck at the fac and cannot go home due to the rain)

i got myself into an accident last week.. kinda big actually.. i literally laid down on the road.. and i answered so many phone calls during that time.. people seriously? i just got into an accident and you are asking me to answer my calls? be logical people! haish.. anyway.. injured my leg and my bike.. still in healing phase at the moment.. huhu, there goes my beautiful leg.. BEAUTIFUL? LIKE SERIOUSLY DUDE!

then, i bought myself a lot of new stuff which are necessities.. phone because the old one is being a pain and a printer because my old one the ink is unbelievably expensive.. huhu.. seriously, money flows like water.. plus got myself a new phone.. all expenses paid by none other than yours truly.. i am an adult now.. haha.. seriously, this is forced adulthood..

then, life as a student is the only life i have now.. all my alter life, i just need to shut them off.. due to the hectic of these few weeks.. i sleep most of the time because seriously ia m just tired of living.. gosh! when will this be over with! arghh! btw i did catch movies this few days.. awesome breaks.. huhu

that's all for now.. till then. later..