Sunday, October 20, 2013

finding the escape hole..

i am in deep trouble. a fact that i know and has never denied. however, the jaded me decided not to do anything and just dwell in the problem. i have no idea what happened to the fire to live in me anymore. at times, i silently pray that my life to be taken away, because what is life when living is not what you want? as for the moment, i am trying to get myself a closure but i am nowhere near it for i am the one procrastinating. i am actually afraid that once i had my closure, i have no idea where to go forward. i am stuck in a loop of weird thoughts but to escape it, i have no capacity, or even the guts to do so. so, here i am, living like a barnacle on rocks, stuck with nowhere to go, just stay at the same place while waiting for the tide to get something to eat.

*trying to get out*