Friday, May 23, 2014

is this really something that I want?

So, I landed on a job after months of unemployment. To be honest, I was damned excited to get that after just one interview. Little that I know that they were in desperation and needed all the help they could get their hands on.

I took this job because of the future I see in it. I have always wanted to write syllabus. Yes, what a weird ambition but it's mine and I'm proud of it. Little that I know that I will be working all by myself. Yes, one man runs everything! Heck, that's not even logical! You cannot expect me to do everything! As the song goes, I am only Human!

So, here's the thing. To run away this quickly is evil I'd say. So, I shall just bear the pain and hope for some day where the sun will shine on me again.. I really hope that day will come because I don't know how long do I have before my sanity becomes a question instead of a statement..