Saturday, April 18, 2015

someone new..

i wish these words are for me but nope, it says about someone else. someone who was dear to me. someone i called my own. but that was all in the past. i must move on. time waits for no one and i am certainly not someone worth waiting for. well, the thing is the new person is not someone to call a partner, it is a child. the person's child. yup, the person is now a parent and to be honest, i am happy to know that, truly. from what i know, the baby is a boy. i hope he will grow strong and handsome. more emphasis on handsome.. hahahaha

the thing is , upon hearing you now have a baby, i realised that being a parent is a feeling that you'll never know if we were still together. you know it's impossible for us to have one even if we really want it. it would be taking away one of the world's greatest graces if you stayed. i am happy to know that ending the relationship was the right thing to do. it helps lessen the pain. hahahaha i am such a sucker for pain..

the thing is, i hope to feel what you feel now someday. i hope i will be able to open my heart to accept someone new in the future. yeah, i am at the stage of not wanting to feel the hurt again hence shutting down every possibility. i hope i will learn what is love all over again.