Sunday, July 10, 2016

I tried..

I tried to pen happy love stories, but to no avail. I dig deep into my mind and heart, wondering why. In that journey, I learned a lot about myself, in love. I am a fixer. In most of my experiences, I tried to fix the other person. In order to get someone to fix, the person must be broken or wrong somehow. Hence the relationships were always rocky and choppy. Fights were prevalent points in the relationship and heartaches were common. Happiness was rare and struggle was always the main theme. I was never in a dream-like relationship..

Hence, I can't write a proper love story. Well, not proper, happy. Because that experience is foreign to me. Well, people say acceptance is the first step to bliss. I am accepting the fact that the experiences I had were rough, but those are all real love.. I hope for a change in the future though..