Saturday, June 11, 2016

finding inspiration..

i realised as i get older, the will to write has become lesser and lesser. i am no longer excited about sharing what is happening in my life because to be honest, i am not sure whether am i still living or am i just merely breathing. yeah, life has been stale lately. basically nothing excites me or i am just jaded as f.. like seriously, even bad news cannot make me react nowadays. i am just that dead inside. i am not sure why.

is it because i have lived as an observer for such a long time, i have stopped wanting to be the one living the life i was envious of? to be honest, if i want to say that i dont have stories to share would be a lie but i dont think i know how to put those stories into words. worse, when i read the stories, they reminded me of something that i could never achieve or have in my life, that is being on the greener side of life. yeah, this is the pessimist me writing. deal with it.

anyhow, i think should get active in writing again. maybe i should force myself to write at least a post daily. it is not like anybody is still reading so it doesnt really matter what i write.