Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Surprises.. Good and not so good ones..

Hello blog, it has been a while. I did not have anything to write not because there was nothing happening in my life. It is because things that happened were so messed up, they left me feeling down and low most of the time. However, will vent it out here just for the sake of writing.

I have finally started my long holiday.. To my surprise was a no holiday at all. My sister were diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome and hospitalised and it has become a DAILY routine for us to visit her. Pfft, shouldn't have made holiday plans in the first place then I wouldn't have this heartache. I was planning to visit a place I called home for 7 years before moving back to my hometown and now the town I'm living. Visit all the usual places and for once, feel like I am where I belong. Guess dreaming was too much of a luxury for me.

Then, another surprise! I am transferred to another workplace despite only being at the previous one for about 3 months. It is still within the same district tho and this time around, the place is even deeper. Whatever, life has been throwing me lemons since forever so this is just another one. I am hopeful but not putting too much hope as I know how my life works..

So, yeah, those are basically the highlights of my life in these few months I stayed absent from the blog. What a highlight, right? Hahaha. Yes, I have to see my life as a joke only to go through it without wanting to end it.