Monday, September 28, 2015

Duvet weather..

Hahaha, the title is in reference to the weather on the first day back to work after a week long holiday. How cruel is nature to tease you as such. After a whole week of beautiful mornings, on the day that you should work your arse out, the duvet weather appears! Like why?? Ugh.. It just strengthen the love between my bed and I.. Hahaha anyway just telling that I am back to working and I will face this term with more optimism. HAHAHA

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Break free..

The first month has passed and I must say, I am getting used to the job. Well, somehow I feel like this is something that I could do till I am quite old. Not in this environment though. Not to badmouth or anything, but the environment seems rather futile and stagnant. Somehow they're making changes for the sake of surviving, and not progressing. I miss intellectual talks and discussion I would have with my friends and colleagues previously. Well, maybe I have yet to get to know everyone. Despite tgat, there's someone who always share his thoughts with me regarding our work environment and I must say, I resonate to his thoughts. Yeay to finding similar mind.

Anyway, at the moment, I am enjoying a one week break from work. So happy to break free from that place. Not that it is a bad place but it just doesn't feel like home just yet.. Or ever.. Did not plan anything though for the break.. Mostly because of Aidiladha is in the middle of it. It's a big family matter for us. How I wish I can escape to somewhere on my own..

Sunday, September 13, 2015

feeling old..

living among youths. yup, that is my life at the moment.i live with youngsters, who have yet to know the world, in their sheltered mind. how sweet is innocence.. only to taste the bitterness of truth. haha, i know i sound like an old bitter person but i guess hard life had made me into such a person. in a way, it's stimulating to see such innocence in action, where all dreams are possible and life is going to be like how you plan it. i remember being that person, though it was not for long. i learned about reality way too soon and it resulted in something incurable in me.

anyway, seeing their innocent thoughts, it makes me feel real old. like so old, i could be turning into dust soon! like seriously decaying as i am living.. or breathing more likely. am i still living? time will tell me that because for now, i am pretty sure i am in a limbo. whatever it is, i dislike youth for its innocence because the only good that comes from innocence is positive outlook on life and in my case.. you know how it goes..

call me Pops the next time you see me! hahaha

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Still adjusting..

       A few weeks have gone by and by now, I think I am quite comfortable in my working environment. As for the drive, I was never the enthusiastic one and my goal has always been behavioural. I want to see changes and results and the process never mattered to me. I know some will say that this is not how the current practice should be but I believe in results and proven practice. But hey, they like me, I think.. Maybe because I am not that serious.. Whatever it is.. I think I will be fine.. For the next few years..