Thursday, December 8, 2011

i am telling you stories..

okie, actually this is a long delayed update.. i just dont feel like updating.. dunno why.. who cares actually.. btw, i still want to tell the stories.. (the actual reason, i am stuck at the fac and cannot go home due to the rain)

i got myself into an accident last week.. kinda big actually.. i literally laid down on the road.. and i answered so many phone calls during that time.. people seriously? i just got into an accident and you are asking me to answer my calls? be logical people! haish.. anyway.. injured my leg and my bike.. still in healing phase at the moment.. huhu, there goes my beautiful leg.. BEAUTIFUL? LIKE SERIOUSLY DUDE!

then, i bought myself a lot of new stuff which are necessities.. phone because the old one is being a pain and a printer because my old one the ink is unbelievably expensive.. huhu.. seriously, money flows like water.. plus got myself a new phone.. all expenses paid by none other than yours truly.. i am an adult now.. haha.. seriously, this is forced adulthood..

then, life as a student is the only life i have now.. all my alter life, i just need to shut them off.. due to the hectic of these few weeks.. i sleep most of the time because seriously ia m just tired of living.. gosh! when will this be over with! arghh! btw i did catch movies this few days.. awesome breaks.. huhu

that's all for now.. till then. later..


Saturday, November 26, 2011

just something..

i cannot remember the last time i was here. i think it was a month ago. please, i am just too lazy to look at the archive. well, actually hectic life and lack of inspiration were the main reason why i abandoned this once was a pleasant place i call my lashing area. but now i am back just for fun. or maybe i need to do some emotional flushing. whatevs.
so, life nowadays is indescribable. to say it is bad is an overstatement and to say it is good is an understatement. so i can only say it has its ups and downs. workload is something that i wish to not talk about here as well as any other place in my life. it just causes me stress. so, what to write huh?
okie, actually, somehow i decided to become active. but i am regretting the whole decision now. what was i thinking when i said yes to those? was i mad, lost my mind? well, maybe because i think that my life nowadays is boring, so i should occupy it. NOT! huhu..

that is all, i am stuck. i cannot write any longer than those..


Sunday, October 9, 2011

I think too much..

My mental state at the current moment is on the edge of sanity. Somehow I am currently facing with one of the biggest stress I have ever felt in my life to date. To be honest, I have a lot on my mind but I just do not have anywhere to pour all the things out. I even got a sense that my depression is relapsing. Breaking down is becoming a regular. Seriously, I am scared. I am barely 21 and I have a lot to think and am toying with my mental health.

I got a lot of issues. But one major issue is covetousness or envy. Yes, I am full of envy in my heart. Ironic much huh? I always hear people coming to me and say that they envy me in some aspects but not to their knowledge, I am envious as well. Targets of envy? A lot actually. Mostly because of their lives. Especially those who have nothing to be worried and just destroy their lives or just live happily. Yes, my life is not happy, in my point of view at least. I want to be happy but I just cannot tell the lie to myself that I can be happy. Somehow, this time I let myself dwell in my sorrows. Sad. I know, even I feel the same.

I have so many wants, but all to never be fulfilled since I know I have to sacrifice a lot for others happiness. Let me be the one worrying while others sleep silently. Let me be the one bearing all the pain and hurt and others live happily. Let me support myself while they used up my part and denied me mine. Seriously, I am wallowing in self- pity most of the time. Poor Me. Stupid Me. Ambitious Me. Not-Worthy Me. I am sick!

Other issue would be my appearance. Yeah I hate it. I am fat and ugly and I need to look at that being every single day in the mirror. I try to avoid looking but I am just too conscious to not look in the mirror. I try to coax myself by saying there are other form of beauty and I am in one of it but sorry, I am too one- dimensional. Tried every single trick in the sick- ways- on- how- to –lose- your- weight book but to no avail. I am somehow thinking that maybe I am going to be ugly till the end of my life. Damn it.

Friends are another issue. I wonder why they repel from me. No, walk away from me. What happen to friendship? What? The ship sunk? I only have a few friends now. Those who are really care about my well -being and existence. Others, who use to claim me as their friends just decided to ditch in me in their life. Thanks so much for jumping aboard in the ship for a while and left some memories. Now, I need some time to erase all that. ‘Thank you’ so much! It hurts so much when the one who use to hang around with you decided that you are no longer in the list. Not even in the bottom of the list. Now they treat you worst than unknown stranger. Whatever it is, I hope I can keep the one I am having right now. They feel real and I hope they are.

Has been. This phrase has been haunting me for quite sometime now. It is the definition of what I feel about myself. A has been. I used to live on the other side of the coin where the live was beautiful and you are the main attention. But, that life is no more and now you are nothing. An analogy to a pebble by the roadside. No one cares about you and no one sees you. You are invisible. Light does not shine on you anymore.

I need help, counseling? I am training to be one. Ironic huh? A counselor –to- be but not being able to bear personal problems. I do not know what I need. At times, the thoughts of suicide make a visit and for quite a number of times, I let it stay. I know I should not, it is wrong in every sense. Luckily I still have my senses although at most time they are numb. Gosh, I need to sort these issues up because it used to not bother my studies but now it is. Damn it.

*Telling the world my problems is showing them how horrible and lame I am*

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The exact replica..

So, I met this new person. To be honest, I found the person to be quite cute. Nothing great if compared to those who had came into my life before. But, nonetheless still possess same characteristics and charms that captivate my heart. Well, I can never go far from what I used to have since that is what we call as taste. So, they are similar but different in some ways. Obviously a different person.

However. It bothers me somehow that the person is looking like an exact replica of one of my friend’s ex. Do not worry, I have checked and nope, they are not the same person only that they looked the same. So, I am somehow in doubt whether to go forward or not with the whole thing since that friend of mine is so not over the ex.

What? It is not that I am scared that my friend will try to have the new person. It is the annoyance of constant repetition of your person looks like my ex and telling their so sweet love stories all over again. I cannot bear that! Plus, I am sure that the friend will be extra annoying by wanting to know what will we both do since that friend have some possessive issues. OMG, seriously, I do not know what to do.

So, the whole reason for me considering is not because of the new person and the flaws, but to avoid annoyance from a friend. Weird consideration right? Well, that is just me. I overanalysed everything.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a very late/early post..

it has been a while since i last write a blogpost. well, the main reason would be i am deprived of inspiration. nothing in my life currently excites me. i am just mere living, but not living a life. hmm, maybe because now with Tower is gone and i have no focus on anyone to be my source of inspiration, it is very hard for me to write. what? love drives you to do stuff okie. one of it is writing.

anyway, updates on me is right now i have a job. yes, you heard me right. i got the job for the sake of the extra money which i really need in order to continue running errands in my life. haha. okie, my workplace is actually at the place where i am studying. i am a lecturer's assistant. well, the idea to work came to me when i saw a friend of mine is doing the same thing. so, i think, whattaheck, let me just try. so far, it has been okie. busy, well you are working, obviously business is part of it. but the thing that is cool but in the same time not cool is having an office of my own. a rather big room for myself alone but that is the place allocated for me. so, i'll be alone for the maximum or maybe minimum of 2 hours everyday. huhu, doing some filing work.

seriously, at first i thought the life of a lecturer is easy but after working, i know it is kinda hellish to be honest. with all the bureaucracy and stuff. linkages, omg, i don't know whether i am strong enough to face them later. as for now, i am grateful that i am just a student. talking about student life, this semester, i have a subject form my favorite field, what else? linguistics! it is sociolinguistics. the study of relationship between society and language. hmm, the subject is nice but the class is not. it is rather dull and monotonous. well, maybe this is just the 2nd class, so not everyone gets the hang of it. i bet later it will be great! i hope =_=

that is all for now, anyway, as i am writing this, i am waiting for Elika to write on my Hardisk which has just been formatted due to virus. to kill the time, i write. awesome!!


Friday, September 16, 2011

i wear a mask everyday..

most of the people who have see me face to face in the real life just cannot believe that i am the one who write this blog. why? because i contradict from this blog tremendously. in this blog, i am someone who is extremely emotional, have great sense of not belonging anywhere and have a dark and negative thoughts about life. however, outside of this context, i am a bubbly, cheerful and up to some extend, a clown and crazy. well, all i can say about this contradiction is that i write my blog when i am down. which is like everyday. and when i am in real life, meeting real people and friends, i treat it as an escapism firm my life which i feel like a miserable piece of crap. so, i try my best to be happy everyday because sadness and negativity have been embedded to me like very closely. i could say that the happiness is the mask i wear everyday. what? you think it is okie to live in negativity everyday? nope, not at all. imagine breaking down everyday for no reason. suddenly, you feel like bursting with emotion and tears. it is no way healthy. but i cannot say anything. i had depression before and somehow i think it is relapsing. OMG, please pray for it not to happen. people say happiness and sadness is the choice you can make in your life, well, i dont think i really have a choice right now. everything bothers me and i hardly share anything with my friends.. huhu


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

i am not happy..

i was hoping for a better environment. i was hoping for a new change. a change that will bring me happiness or at least, peace at heart. well, guess what? i am asking too much actually. it never rains on my life, it pours. my life is a never ending series of unfortunate events. omg, do not let me get started with it.

i thought i will find peace. well, until now, i have not. i am constantly being hurt by the situation or people around me. well, people who are close but to no apparent importance to my life. get what i mean? people who i see everyday but never know who they are. so friends, do not worry, you guys are not a part of this. well, some of you be worried because you guys might be some of the reason why am i not happy. wait, i dont think that friend reads blog anyways.

seriously, it is so bad that i am on the verge of sanity everyday. the depression i am feeling from day to day is gaining bit by bit. and no one knows except those few i have selected.

i dont think i want to write about it. let it be la..


Thursday, September 8, 2011

I actually care..

You know there are a lot of time where we have said “like I care” or “ I don’t give a damn whatcha doin’ “ , it is actually a sign of denial. Actually we do care about what the person just did to us. However, we said those words to show who is in control, who is superior and who is who is not the desperate one. I found this behaviour to be absurdly acceptable in daily life. Weird much okie. Besides, it is not that the person who did something or say something that hurt us do es not know that our actual emotion on such event. So, I just do not get it, to whom are we saying those words? To them or to us? Take some time to ponder, will you?

*taken cared of*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

change of plan..

well, as most of you have noticed, i have been missing for the past 4 months. well, it was the holiday, i am at home in Penang and sadly, i have no internet access there. wait, to say no is overreacting, i do have internet access but it's 1515. those of you h=who have no idea what is a 1515, it is your typical phone line used to gain internet access. the top speed is..... 50.6 kbPs. Sad, very sad. so, that is the reason behind my disappearance. huhu.

anyways, earlier, i had mentioned about my plan to stay at SA and work to save some money for my own usage. the plan was nice, the planning was impeccable but the execution... FAIL! i went home and the time that i was supposed to come back to SA, i fall sick. hence i stayed home and do nothing. yes, absolute nothing. everyday, i just do chores and watch tv. seriously, no life at all. huhu..

then, i planned to lose weight last holiday. result? fail with flying colours. in fact, i gained a lot of excess weight during the holidays. however, it came to me that maybe i should just embrace my weight rather than fretting about it and see no results after doing a lot of effort to bring it down. i am accepting. huhu. so what if i am fat, if you say things to me, it is just because you are insecure. nuff said.

that is the changes in my plans throughout the hols. just hope this sem will go smoothly, i hate changing plans..

*critical thinking*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OMG, talk about the weather right now in this country. Why is it so hot? Seriously, after months of rain and comfort, this sudden hotness is so unacceptable. Once it was so cold until you can catch flu easier than catching a standstill butterfly, now it is so hot, migraine is just your new best friend. I seriously cannot sleep at night since fan is still not an item in my room. I have to fan myself manually, by hand, using the fan I got during the last Bon Odori. This happens every night and day. Every time I enter my room.

Why with the weather change? Is it a result of global warming? I thought global warming cools the cool weather and heats the hot weather? So, the previous weather has been cool, so it should get colder right? Not hotter. Or maybe the nation itself, like literary heated up due to the fact that the oil price is hiking again (okie, random much, environment do not have feelings, how can it be mad by the things that make people mad?) I do not know, but one thing for sure, the heat is unbearable. It is like the world is telling or giving a clue to the living of how hell will be. About 300 times hotter, that is all, or more. Who knows, I have never been there.

Gosh, as I am writing this, I am sweating like a pig (ironic much, pig does not sweat; it is a fact, hence the rolling in the mud, it has no sweat to cool its body, the mud does the work for it). My room feels like an oven. I feel like making a cupcake batter and leave it in my room and check it out next morning weather I can have cute little cupcakes without even baking it due to the hot weather. Seriously, I talking and rambling about nonsense. Blame whom? What else, the hot weather of course. Loss of water makes you go slightly cuckoo. Or in my case, big time major cuckoo. Huhu, I am tired, I shall rest and sleep now. In the room that tells me the story of hell and its fire.

*seriously hot and heated*

Movie night

After the longest time, I finally went out for a movie night. Actually, this was my second plan to catch a movie that same week. The first failed due to technical error (my phone was dead and my friends could not contact me) and the second was a success, although with several changes in the plan. Here are some of the things that happened that night.

We wanted to catch Pantas and Garang 5 (this is according to the ads, for those of you who are still blur on this topic, it is Fast and Furious 5 or for short Fast Five P/S: didn’t it sound a little bit like Fab Five, you know from the show Queer Eye for Straight Guys?). Then, we need to think of a new movie to catch. The choice was between Thor and The Roommate. Finally, due to some reasons (the actual reason was Natalie Portman!) we decided on Thor. Luckily, it was not a waste. Oh, just before we get to enter the room, the wait was agonizing, can you imagine they only open the room only 5 minutes before the movie started? Imagine the number of people waiting in the hallway. Then, when the room was finally open, there goes a stampede into the theatre. Haish, when will people start behaving like they are civilized and not Neanderthals?

Moving on, the movie started, but during the ads before the movie started, I realized there is something wrong with the sound system. But, with a positive mind, I said to myself, it would not hurt the movie. Unfortunately it did. At first it was okie although very much annoying then, it started to lose larger chunks of sound until we lost a part of the movie where Odin fell into an Odin Sleep. Now, “What” became a swear words since it was silenced (silencing is a method use to censor vulgar words). Seriously, the sound is similar to a broken or badly scratched vinyl and amplified by the Dolby surround system. Bleargh..

Then, the people in the movie are just plain weird. First, they laugh at wrong part of the movie, like when a son is showing great disobedience to the father, they regard it as funny. Huh? Another part, one of the warriors is about to be destroyed by the Destroyer and they decided that people’s fear of death is a laughing matter. I was like whatta? Haish, let use not talk about the unnecessary comments that I have to endure all the time I was watching the movie. Hello, if the TV in your house is so nice, why are you still watching the movie? Go home.

But the movie was nice. Okie, it is predictable and stuff like that. Who cares? It is adapted, so it is predictable. But I sense a lot of emotion coming from a superhero movie. That is something new. The Thor guy (Chris Hemsworth, brother of Liam Hemsworth from The Last Song) is Hotness! Like seriously. And Natalie Portman is just divine. My most favourite moment is when they both blush when the look in each other’s eye. Gosh! Haha. Anyway, I am sure there will be a sequel. Oh, before I forgot, that Heimdall guy, man, is he funny.

After the movie ended, we decided to trash about another movie, not that movie. Random much. Then, we headed home since it is already late and no place is operating at this hour. All in all, it was fun, both the movie and the outing. Finishing up 5 sour strips, eating gummy bears and marshmallows. Huh, I seriously need another movie night out. Huhu, ungrateful being.


I want to be with my Mum..

Yesterday, I went to my aunt’s place for a feast. It is just a small feast to celebrate her new house. I think it is housewarming. Whatever it is, the main story here is meeting my mum. Although I just got back to my hometown last few weeks, about two weeks ago if I am not mistaken, but I seriously, or dearly miss my mum. Seeing her yesterday make me feel so happy. Especially seeing her in KL, which is something that is so rare, it is like she came to me and not I go back to her. So, yeah, I was extremely delighted.
It was all easy until the night arrived where I need to get back to SA due to the fact that I have no more shirt and pants to wear. So, I need to make a move earlier than everyone else. Gosh, it was so hard separating from my mum again. I actually hold my tears all the time I was saying goodbye to her. Huhu, I seriously do not like SA and I do not want to be here. I want to be with my mum. But I remembered she said to me, finish up my studies first. So yeah, I will bear hopefully another year in this place that I have learnt to despise. All because of my mum.

*sobbing again*
(written on 2nd May 2011)

Talking about you..

This came to me when a friend of mine addresses this problem. Yes, I always talk about my relationships and what I have done with my partners whenever we get out. I do not know why, but I just talk about it. Especially when topic of love is raised. Yeah, some unnecessary details also leak out when I talk about those. Somehow, I am sensing that those speeches are tiring them out. So, I think I will stop talking about relationships, unless asked. Seriously, I need to stop talking about my past relationships activities.

I think the whole reason why I keep on talking about those stories is because it is just so hard for me to swallow the fact that right now, I am single and alone. Yes, I know I have been saying that being single is okie and I need not worry about not having anyone. But actually it bothers me like very much. Gosh, I seriously need to learn how to live without a partner by my side. Although I have been single for quite sometime physically, but my mind is very much clinging on the memories that I have created all the time I was with my exes. So yeah, I am never really being single both physically and mentally. Seriously, I think of this fact of me as sad, but I do not know how to not dwell in it.

What I should learn to do is to cherish my own life and embrace my singleness. I should not depend on the memory of past relationships just to get on with life. I should be my own drive, not other people. But I know it will be hard to do so. All I can hope is that one day, I can live in the resent and do not dwell in the past and let it integrates with the present as well as the future. Then, I am digging my own grave since not moving on is the sign of a dead soul. Hey, I am too young to have a dead sol. That are a lot that I have yet to experience and heartbreaks is just noting compares to what future holds for me. I know this so.

p/s: what is kolah air huh? Water tub? Surely not bath tub..


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Totally disconnected..

Gosh, it is bad enough that I have to live with Internet all the time, now guess what? My phone’s charger just broke down although I just used it thrice or twice and that totally cuts me from contacting anyone. Gosh, first I lost FB and Twitter and now phone line? What is the world plotting against me? To totally cuts me from existence or what? Just like what happen to people in Shakugan no Shana when they got taken away their existence everyone forgets about them. Is that what are you plotting to do to me huh, World?


Be Considerate, Please?

I am writing this due to what just happened to me a few hours back. Okie, I am having my exams today (April 27, 2011) and I find it hard to sleep last night because someone has been snoring loudly. When I say loud, I mean real loud. Like the whole house could hear it. Omg, how am I going to sleep with such a sound? Okie, I have been sleeping with people snoring near me for the longest time since some of my family members snores, but not that loud. I know you cannot do anything to decrease the volume so I am not really mad. I finally sleep after hours of agonizing pain in my ear and I am too tired to stay awake. Then, after I finally got my sleep, suddenly I was rudely awakened by noise. Yes, someone listened to music loudly at let me see, 7 in the morning! Gosh, seriously! I am just about to have my sleep since I cannot sleep the night before and now this disturbance early in the morning. You know how I was in the verge of screaming to that person to just be quiet! Haish, I know you woke up early and all but please think of those who are still sleeping. Not enough that you torture those people with your snoring, now loud music? Homagad, I feel like killing someone.

People who had known me will know how much I appreciate quietness. I do not listen to music on speakers but headphones instead, I don’t put the volume to the max, just enough to listen. I am a peaceful person who treasures quietness to the max. So please, be considerate. I do not want to go screaming just to have some quietness. That is so unlike me. I know you might think it is that person’s right to how he or she wants to listen to sounds and all, but please remember, there are other people with different interest in the same place, please look around and open your mind okie? Thanks.

*I need some sleep*

I have moved..

Okie, it is not that I am closing this blog. What I mean is what happened to me in my real life. I have moved away from my previous rental house due to the event that has been mentioned before in this blog. No need for elaboration I think. So yeah, I am just informing about my move.

My new house is not that far from my old house but the situation is way different. I am no longer living in the middle of sky and land, but I am on ground this time. There is grassland right in front of my house. Okie, I love the smell of nature when I wake up. Oh, outside my room is an empty slot of land and there are trees there and seriously these make my room cool. Can you imagine waking up feeling like catching a cold although you sleep with no fan on? Yup, that is how cold is my room. Hehe. For now I am still living alone in my room, as my other tenant is not here yet. But I am thinking of getting the room all for myself, but that is still in consideration.

One thing that I miss about my old house is the view. Yes, I have the stalker view because my house was so high and I can see a lot of things that is happening in nearby places. Huhu maybe it is time I start new hobby. Another is the quiet I feel when I am all-alone. Here, everything that happened outside can be heard clearly. Huhu, at times it is scary. Haha. Seriously, I have been terrified by the sound that I have heard here but I am pretty sure those are human made. I hope!

So, that is all about my new house. Oh, one thing that I need to mention is that I do not have any internet connection at my new house. So, expect the absence of me from this blog, twitter, facebook and many more websites that I am usually found. Huhu.
Seriously, I am still adapting to living without Internet. If you are close to me, then you should lnow how attached am I to the net. Haha. So, I shall be in the real world more than in the digital world. That is something that I need to learn.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Seriously, am I still feeling it?

The breakup has been 5 months. To be honest, I am still affected by it. Some say seriously, you still feel the remorsefulness? Yes, I am very much still affected by it. Hey, it was not a short relationship okie. It was 3 years. Yeah, we had our on and off sessions. Found someone else in between but we were never separated. Now, the separation is for real and I cannot accept it. Yeah, call me weak; I just could not care because that is the truth. I am weak now. And life is no comfort since the only thing it is giving to me is more and more trials. Thanks life, I really need it. Blergh.

Then, today I saw Tower. Yes, someone that I used to fancy so much, I lost my love because of the whole crush. Yes, that person. To be frank, my feeling for Tower has lessen tremendously since the breakup, maybe because I somehow blame Tower for the incident when the fault is definitely is me? I seriously do not know. But seeing Tower just now somehow surprised me. I can breathe properly, my knees did not get weak and my emotion is well composed. Yeah, I am not crazy over Tower anymore. But I think I have a more developed feeling towards Tower. It is a composed admiration. I can look at Tower in the eye and just smile and not shy away like I used to. I can look at the face and be happy without going gaga and do all sort of weird facial expression and all. I can just compose myself. It is like… SEEING SOMEONE I LOVE!

Gosh, like seriously! Am I in love with Tower? I have read before that crush only stays for a while, to a maximum of 4 months, if it exceeds, then it is love actually. Wait, I have liked Tower since more than a year. OMG, I DO NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT BUT YEAH, I THINK I AM IN LOVE! Haha . Damn, because I know this is so going to be unrequited because Tower already has someone that is cherished. Who cares, I am just going to love you although you do not know. I think I can live with that. Until I found someone new.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

life at this moment..

hectic. that is the correct word to describe my life at this moment. there are just so many things to do and get ready for. seriously, at times, i feel like i just want to lie down anywhere, let it be on the floor or on the carpet, just to lose my eyes and take a breather. but sorry sir, no can do. life must go on and no matter how tiring and hectic it is, you will just have to face it. huhu, the sad reality. is it me or reality is always sad, not like fantasy.

even now, i still have several things to be finished. like writings stuff and read for tests. haish, no wonder my seniors said that my current part is the beginning of hell. wait, if this is the beginning, how about later? are we will be dwelling in hell? man, that does not sound interesting at all. but nevermind, keep that in the future, now i will just focus on things in the near future like tomorrow and the week after. that is more crucial that dreading over something that is yet to be confirmed. huhu.

stress has been uplifted i think. well, for others they may say that this workloads gives them a lot of stress. well, i do not work like any other. i love workloads. it makes me forget my personal life, which is the main reason behind all my stress. so, mounting works on me is actually a bliss. i never fret having a lot of work. i love them. haha, call me freaky, this is just me.

now, i shall do some more work. work that has been on hold for quite some time. then, i will read some notes for tests. okie, till later. tata

*student mode is on*

Friday, April 1, 2011

I shall not be someone’s rebound..

Okie, you just had your breakup from a 2 years long relationship 2 days ago. You say to everyone that your heart is broken. You say that it will need time to heal the heartache. You say that the memories remain in your mind although you have tried your best to get over it. And I accept it all totally. With no sense of doubt. At all.

But today you came around to me asking to get to know me. Doing the things people always do to have someone hands and heart in their possession. Asking me to fill in the void left by the one before. To be honest, I am not that stupid okie. I know what this it. This is rebound. You just need someone to get over the other one. And of all people, you chose me? Like why? We only talked once and we only met in a brief moment and we did not even say hi. And now, you expect me to be a rebound? No way! I am too worthy to be someone’s rebound. I should be loved, not compared. Bear that in your mind.

Whatever it is, no matter how much I adore you, seriously, I am more to a fan than a friend; since I love your work, not you. I will never agree to be your rebound. I will be too stupid to do so. Sorry, come back when you are ready to love me, not to just let me fill the void.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

emotional flushing..

this is actually a term i use with another friend of mine to say about the act of telling all you want about uncertainties, dissatisfactions, memories about the one you used to love to another friend in total, so that you could move on. it is like throwing everything in the cistern and flushing it down. hence the term emotional flushing. well, i have been doing this a lot with all my previous breakup, but for the recent one, i just did it last night. seriously, it helps ease up the burden i have been carrying for so long. in return, my friend, who is my emotional cistern is also flushing it all on me, because my friend also had just gone through a bad breakup recently. seriously, i never thought that something i developed when i was younger is still applicable until now. the drill is like counseling session only that this time no consideration should be made, you just need to pour out feelings and what ever is bugging you and then when you think it is over, you are entitled to end the session. that simple. you have the control.

the topic for emotional control may vary from love (the most common) to life matters, financial and even study. so yeah, last night session comprises all topic. we even talked about crazy idea what to do during this holiday. well, it is more to an emotional vacation than an emotional intervention actually this method is. but whatever it is, it has been great help to me and i think you guys should try it too..


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conflict within me..

I am a peaceful person. Yeah, it is true. Seriously, I am not bragging. Instead, at times, I wonder why am I like this. I am usually the one who choose to back out if a fight or conflict is about to happen. If people are insisting me to do things, then I will adhere to it without many questions. I am always at the losing end. Why? It is because I want to avoid conflict and confrontation. All the heartache, I just keep it in my heart. Once in a while, explosion might happen and I must say that explosion is usually so controlled until no body realizes it. Yes, I am a peaceful person and I hate conflicts.

But now, another conflict is about to happen and the trigger is me. Seriously, I am somehow terrified by what would happen. Hence the conflict within myself of how long should I hold this conflict from becoming true. If I wait for too long, than it will be too late and bigger conflict shall happen, and if I tell them now, conflict will happen and I will still need to see them. So, I am in the losing end again. For any of the choices. To be honest, I am dumbfounded by the current situation. Gosh, how I wish life is so easy and I do not have to think about a lot of stuff.

*conflicting ideas*

Sunday, March 27, 2011

bad is good, good is bad.

it is sunny today. okie, too sunny actually. the sun is so bright, i dont feel like going anywhere. to even get out from my house. worst still, my own room. i just dont feel like doing anything indoor. and people say sunny day as good weather day. how ironic it is with what i am feeling inside. to be honest, i dont really like the sun since it gives my skin a great sore. i just wish it is not so hot. besides, most of my bad memories happened on great sunny days by the beach. see? i dont get it why people call it good.

i like rain. but people call it bad weather. why? because you can do things outside. who says? i love to play in the rain. once i played and i almost catch pneumonia. but i just dont care. for me, rain is not the cry of the sky, instead, each droplet is the tears of joy. i can recall a lot of great memories i had in the rain. i love the feeling when the water hits my head and make me feel like i should be more care less. yes, i love the rain and i think the rain loves me to.

yes, i get it when you say that you cannot go out when it is raining and not a lot of activities could be done like strolling around in the city, shopping, observing people, but you cannot do that in bright sunlight too. i dont think people would even consider to go out if the weather is too hot. hence, the best weather for me is... cloudy with a chance of both: sunny or rainy day..


Saturday, March 26, 2011

turning point..

i am about to make another decision in my life. a decision that may hurt others but pleases me. i dont know what to expect but i think i am determined. now, the focus is me and not other people. i had enough putting people before me and finally end up in sufferings while others rejoice in my defeat. it is time for me to get firm and finally withdraw my self from this S&M game. i am a masochist. i hurt myself to feel alive. but now, i cannot bear the pain anymore. my senses have return and it is advising me to think about myself and stop enslaving myself. yes, i am a slave to circumstances but now i am fighting for my independence. i shall be my own Abe.

*freedom from lies*

Thursday, March 24, 2011


see how atrocious is the language of my title. well, that is little if compared to what has happened today. during the meeting. language was all over. i dont think what we said just now could be considered as a legible language. it is as if we were creating a new creole. gosh, it was atrocious and i seriously is ashamed of it. then, in the meeting, content-wise, was horrible. things that are unnecessary made necessary and vice versa. gosh, i dont know how am i ever going to go to that class again. seeing the lecturer who constantly trying to understand and laughing on occasions is not cool. huhu, to be frank, i am terrified and sad by it. huhu

oh, then today i saw Tower. it has been a while since i last saw Tower. i thought people say, when you dont see someone for long, the heart will go fonder. well, not in my case. i saw Tower and all i do was look and no giddy and crazy blush on my face. yeah, i realised that i dont fancy Tower as much as before. to be honest, i treated Tower just like any other by-passers. ohmegosh, have i lost the feeling for Tower? well, in that case, it is actually a good thing. huhu. finally moving on. from that no-future-crush-of-the-lifetime-to-date.

later today i had to do my expose for my french class. gosh, i rapped through the presentation. omg, it was so fast and i was so nervous, i just speak quickly. in French! even my lecturer asked me to slow down. yes, my pronunciation was not bad (made a mistake though T0T) but it was so fast. what do you expect? i was not prepared and i came up with instantaneous sentences..

so, those are ohmegosh moments of the day. OHMEGOSH!

*damnation is near* T0T

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

of being a child..

i dwell in the adult life too much. i think it is time for me to be a child again. and that is what i have just done. well, actually it involves an assignment actually. noticed how this few weeks the main theme of everyone post is assignments? okie, sorry for straying away. back to the story, i, at first thought of doing the usual powerpoint presentation like i always do in class. however, it came to me today that what if i make a different? what if i do things i used to do when i was young and computer is something rare and only accessible to the rich and wealthy? there it was, i went out to buy supplies and start doing it.. drawing plan on a piece of manila card and start colouring it. in the end, i am satisfied with the output although it is so childish and the drawing is beyond perfection on the other axis. haha here's the product..

okie, i am proud of my inner child.. you are great.. haha :P

*love it*

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am someone who tries my best to avoid this word. However, I am just a human and along the way, problems just need to visit me and the visit was never friendly. Most of the time, it is harsh and long. Like a visitor who is just do not know when to go back home, keep on being at your home although you have given signs that they have stayed for too long. Well, problems are like that too me. Nuisance visitor.

Seriously, this time around the visit is just too long. It made my head not functioning as well as it should be. Depression made a visit too. But at least it knows it does not belong here anymore. I stated it clearly on the door of my emotion that I don’t need it anymore. But for a few days yeah, I was blanketed by it. Luckily it went away. But problems, it just keep on lingering until to a point where I feel like screaming my lungs out asking it to go away but I know that will just result in vain.
So. Problems, I know you will haunt me maybe till the next few weeks, I just hope I have enough will power to withstand you. In the meantime, play your usual game; I will not care.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

i should have not done it..

i cannot sleep right now. i am very much bothered by what i have done. what have i done? do not i know that toying with someone's feeling is not good and been played before, have not i learned anything? gosh, people, please kick some senses in me. and the reason for my action? none since i am doing it for fun sake. gosh, i feel so evil right now. i feel as if i am betraying someone, worse, myself.

it all started with that stupid message from a friend of mine. not really that close but we have shared stories, so the friend is in the circle. the message stated that the friend wants to be with my ex. not just any ex, my first ex. the one that was my benchmark, the reason i could not find anyone for the next one year plus, the one that first changed me, the one that was the hardest to let go, the reason for my Katy Perry period. yup, the first ex. to be frank, at first, when i read the message, i was not mad or feeling anything since i have moved on from the person. besides, i am still not yet move on from my current breakup, which is sadly last november. then, the friend called asking for confirmation whether it is okie. friend, over there, you just step out of your borderline. i am a nice person but when you pushed me too far, i retaliate. and that is just what i did. anyway, i say it is okie for them to be together. like i would even care. i am over you by the way.

it came to me what if i just give that ex a simple phone call. well, our friendship(?) has been rough this last years since that ex ask for space and want to start acting like ex-es. you know what that means? well, you hate each other, can look in the face, due to all the memories and stuff. whatta? anyway, i made an innocent phone call this afternoon. let me repeat, innocent phone call to the ex number. anyway, i was just testing since the person used to not answer my call. but, i was using my other number and the person answered it. started with a simple hello and immediately recognised the voice. gosh, like seriously you still remember? i thought after those years, i shall be forgotten. it looks like no. haha. then we talked about everything. about the current relationship and what has happened. is it me or all my ex just love to ask me if there is any that i am interested in? why? do i look like someone who needs relationship all the time? no i am not. the talked went on to a lot of other topic like studies, life and stuff. got low on credits later, so i hung up. politely. with prior notice.

but it did not stop there, the ex called me. this time around doing the usual thing the person usually does when calling me back then. the i-dont-love-you-on-the-mouth-but-i-am-in-love-with-you-deep-inside kind of thing. how do i know this? well, being with the same person for two years and a half and suffered 4 major breakups with the same person will teach you quite a number of things about that person. i got thrilled by the game. call me evil but i said yes to the game offer. haha. gosh, i feel so bad. i know i should not be doing this but i think i am trapped in the game i started. and i dont have the authority now. we both do. haha. i just want to see how far will this go. to reconcile? nah, i dont feel like it. lesson learned. hehe

to my dear friend, sorry if i disturbed your relationship. blame it on yourself for telling me and made me think of the ex again. i do not mean to do a lot of harm, just a little. call me evil, well, i am. haha. do not worry. i am in no intention of stealing your current partner. only that, your partner was mine and i still have influence on the person.

*guilty pleasure*

Saturday, March 19, 2011


that will be the word of the day. want to know why? because a lot of things finally happened today. one of the main is i finally go to KL to just have an outing with friends. yeah, it was fun and tiring as well. being in my room all this while has kill my stamina for endurance shopping. haha. went to quite a number of stores, mostly sell clothes and seriously, they are cheap and beautiful. how i wish i could buy all and wear them. man, wanted to buy bag but dont know why, i chose not too. maybe not really a good bargain. nevermind, next time it is.

then, i finally meet Joy, my friend from before. she was shopping with hmm hmm i dont know for clothing too. just a brief meeting n no catching up were done. we just talked a bit, introduce the unknowns, talked and then moved on to shopping again. it was nice though meeting here.

then, i finally eat froyo. just so you know, froyo is FROzen YOgurt. see? okie, back to the story. spend an amount of RM25 for it but worth every cent. love the taste. it was very raspberry and cookies and cream. with nata de coco, strawberry and kiwi topping. yummeh! me want more. haha.

finally, i got Natasha back. just in case yo guys are wondering, Natasha is my bike. it has been away from me for quite sometime now. well, blame it on my laziness. i just dont feel like going to the distance just to have her back although i really need her. but now, she's back and girl, i am gonna treat you right.. haha..

that is all i want to say about the day and the word finally. till soon


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

miserable tuesday..

today is the worst day ever.. to date that is. can you imagine shitty things keep on happening to you non stop. omg, i am seriously surprise that i chose to continue living, not to put it to an end at some point. because any normal human i dont think can handle the amount of mishaps that have happened to me. like seriously.

today started with me waking for a class that was cancelled. thanks for the no intention of telling it to me friends, i seriously love you guys. then, with that swollen eyes due to not having enough sleep, i am remembered of something that i am not fond of, writing a poem that need to be hand in by tonight. seriously, it is no fun when you have limited vocab and creativity. gosh, it was tiring thinking of one, imagine 3 of it. luckily i finished it.

then, in class, i learned the hard truth about my subject. man, i wish i had never enrolled in this course. like seriously. i dont like planning. i am a free soul. then, in another class, i was criticized for being 'slow' in the making of the anthology for my Sastera class. whatta? i dont even see my classmates often, how am i supposed to do the work? who nominated me to be the editor in the first place. damn, i hate everything about that class. okie, maybe not everything, something but most of it.

then, today i decided to eat less. just once a day. reason: to save money and lose weight. well, guess what? i lost more money. all due to the Sastera class. i missed the last bus, had t take a cab, when i pay, the cab driver do not have any change. so i have to just pay with extra money. gosh, saving just failed. if i had known this would happen, i could have just eat. DAMN!

seriously, i am anguish right now. i am in no position for any fun. i am feeling the hate that the world is giving me. thanks so much for all the hardships. makes me wonder, why am i still alive? to be a toy to the situation?

*mad as hell*

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Of losing weight and gaining it..

People keep on asking me to lose more weight. I want it too. But seriously it is hard to do so. Okie, I had tremendous weight loss before, like 28 kilos in a few months. However, I was an anorexic back then. I eat like seriously little and I could say far from satisfactory. However, I feel full due to the anorexic mindset. Omg, if only you guys know how hard it is to get out from anorexia nervosa. I even had a counseling session from my mum since she had been seeing me not eating at all. But that was all in the past.

Now, I am fat. Like seriously fat. I do not like it. I prefer the skinny me more. Well, I was never real skinny, even during anorexia, I was more to love (haish, I hate this phrase like from the moon and back) but now, I am just fat. I need to lose weight but the situation is not really supportive. Tension increases weight. Fact. I live in a stressful environment. Fact. Hence, I am fat. Fact also. Huhu, losing weight is so difficult.

Once, I had a thought of resorting back to anorexia. Luckily someone talked to me and made me back on my senses of how bad is anorexia. Hey, I know all the fact about anorexia but I just feel like doing it. It gives me happiness by going up on the scale and look at my weight going down, and down and down. I want that again to happen to me.

Huhu, now I am searching for the best way to lose weight and how to feel full for long. Hope going to find one soon.


Getting nowhere with work..

OMG, what is happening to me? I got a pile of work to be finished and I have yet to finish any! Whatta? Okie, when I say pile, I don’t mean a small stack okie, I mean like a lot, like real a lot, and I am to no intention in doing it. What? Blame it on lack of inspiration? That can only be applied to blogging, not work. Work do not really need inspiration (notice the ‘really’ in the clause, work do need a little inspiration) but mostly it is input transformed into legible output. Now, I am not doing any, instead, I am blogging about not doing any!

Okie, because of this worrying situation (I shall name it situation, a problem becomes a problem when you call it a problem) I am seriously teriified thinking about my final results. What will become of me? Will I achieve DL again this semester? OMG, I am scared to death only that I am still breathing hard. Damn, I do not know what to expect. I hope everything turns out well in the end. I really hope. In the mean time, I am very much terrified, by all the possibilities that might happen.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Update: Island work+vacation

I have not been updating this blog for quite sometime now. Well, all due to deprivation of inspiration. Okie, anyway I want to tell you guys about my work + vacation at an island recently. Actually it is a class trip and it is for a course assessment. But hello, you are on a vacation island, will you do your work only and not have fun? Never. That was what happened. Oh, by the way, it was Pangkor island. For those who have no idea (like seriously?), just google it up. I do not feel like putting up facts in here since this is my blog, not an information counter. Hehe.

Oh, actually before I went there, I got this uneasy feeling in my stomach saying that something bad is about to happen. Well, I was the program committee member and I seriously was worried if the program fails and disrupt my marks. Luckily, my doubt was not satisfied. It was a success, although by a little margin. We did increase the students’ self confidence and they can talk in front of crowd now. It was a good improvement in them and an indicator of successfulness of our program. All in all, I am happy with the program.

Now, let’s talk about the vacation part. OMG, my days were filled with seawater. Yes, I am constantly in the sea, exposing my skin to the sunlight and trying my best to get a good tan, but to no avail. Looks like melanin don’t really work in my body. I am still as fair as before, if darker, maybe on very low level. Like a cup of milk added with a teaspoon of coffee. That dark. Haha. Then went for a 15 minutes shopping spree at the jetty to buy sea products. Went there for 3 days 2 nights.

To be honest, it was a good breakaway from SA. For once, I could forget all my problems here. Being back in my element (the sea) is so good, it feels great and it made me realize why I love my hometown. Sea is great. It holds calmness and secrets. Among them are mine.

*slightly calmer*

Thursday, March 3, 2011

okie, i think i have accepted it..

after days of agonising pain of self loathe and self blame, i finally come to my senses that it is all fated. there is a lesson that i need to learn behind all those bad experiences. however, i am still thinking about it. i have yet to come to the revelation. whatevs, seriously i am tired and bored of thinking about it. let bygones be bygones and as a person, i need to move on with life. so, negativity put aside, hello new experiences. however, i am still going back to my hometown next week just to find some comfort there. i need a break like seriously.

today it came to me that maybe i will find a replacement piece for the lost lappy. this time, the financial support is from no ne but yours truly. what? i lost something and i need to repay it. even though the loan is from my mom. hmm, check out some new ones and i think i fell in love with one. but that is still in consideration. i cannot say much since i am having not that many financial strength. huhu. sad truth.

so, yeah, i dont want to go around breaking down for no reason anymore. well, actually there is reason. okie, no more breaking down. let's start a new emotion collecting and once it is unbearable, explode again just like what has happened. haha, let just hope not in near future okie.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tests in life..

I don’t know why, but most people said that the latest bad incident that happened to me is a test from God. Really? Well, if that is the case, He has been quite persistent in giving me tests. Non-stop since I was a young chap. Seriously, this time around I seriously could not handle the stress. Suicide, runaway, pact with the dark side, losing my religion, all have came to my mind. Seriously, I dot know if I can ever handle this time around.

The bigger question I kept on asking since the day the last incident happened is why me? Is it because I know all the rules in the religion and I chose to defy most of it? Or does God demands for my obedience towards Him? Or is God just seeing me as an interesting subject to be played with. Another interesting fact about all these ‘test’, it happens just after I learn to love the things. For example, my new lappy, just few weeks after I splurged a large amount of money to buy its accessories, then it was stolen. The same goes for the previous one. Then, when I was young, when I start to love my dad more, and on one of my most important day, the exam of my favourite subject, he fell sick. Then, on the day I was sick and my mom was asked to leave his side, he passed away. Seriously, I still feel guilty for stealing the last moment between my mum and my dad. I kept on asking God why you make me the cause of their separation. I still remember the sadness in her face. Seriously, I still feel guilty.

So, that is it. I seriously don’t know why am I so called being tested like consistently. And everytime I am being tested, something I love will be taken away. Maybe that is the reason why I hate my life, if I love it, I might lose it. I may sond like someone who does not believe in God anymore eright? Well, I am still figuring things out..

*seriously I am wondering*

Saturday, February 26, 2011

sadness overwhelm, anger elevated, trust demolished.

my laptop is lost again.

i seriously feel angry right now. i am full of anger. i need a place to lash out all the wrath in my heart. i feel like killing. killing is actually mercy now. i seriously hate that whole situation. i even thought of making a pct with the devil just to get revenge. it is not cool, i thought deeply of it, finally, i return to god. but still, the anger remains. the flame will never be put off easily.

i am sad. i am sad that i lost something precious and important. i am sad that i lost something that my late dad last bought for me. i am sad that i need to tell my mum sad news and make her feel uneasy. i am sad that i cried. i am sad because of the lost information and memories. i am sad that these things happened to me.

i trust no one now. i trust no one but myself. even that i have doubt sometimes. trust has been demolished the moment i found out that safe haven is no longer safe. i trust no one and i should not as world is filled with cunning and sly people who take advantage on every open opportunity.

i am seriously having one of the biggest emotional turmoil ever. i am angry at everyone. i trust no one. i am sad and all by myself. period.

*i hate this world*

Monday, February 21, 2011

Racism was never okie..

I don’t know why some people choose to be racist. For me, there is nothing nice in being racist. Yes, we do make racist jokes once a while, which I consider it as fine as it is in jokingly manner and although some hearts will be hurt, but not as badly as it will by a racist remarks. I don’t know why some people just think that they belong to a better ethnic group. To be honest people, I never think that there is any ethnic group higher than others. We are all the same. We may be different in skin colours and all, but still, we are all human.

Some use the basis of religion to be racist and give racist remarks. Like seriously people? I thought all religion in this world promote good and nice behaviour. No religion tells it followers to detest the non-followers and call them names that are not appropriate. Another thing, do you think by doing so, it makes you look like a pious person? Well, let me put it straight in your face. NO!! in fact, you just tarnished the name of your religion. Yes, we all have our belief system and we believe that it is the truth, but just because others choose not to believe, must we condemned them that harsh? Yes, we may call them the non-believers and lure them to our religion, but with that attitude? I don’t think so.

We live in a harmonious environment okie people. Just play cool and live well among us. Do not implant such thoughts in us and especially to the future generations. This is going nowhere. No matter how much you detest a race or races, they will still co exist with you. What? Thinking of major genocides? Well, I think in that case you should be the one to be eradicated. Like seriously.

*racism sucks real bad*

Saturday, February 19, 2011

i feel so bad..

okie, first of all, i need to mention that as i am writing this, i am having a fever and diarrhea. well, it is so hard for me to fall sick but once i fell, it will be severe. so, that is what i am facing right now. a bit under the weather. but, that does not really bothers me as i think i need some rest, what bothers me is that this sickness comes at the wrong time. i have events going on. sale to be exact and i am part of the group. i could not attend the sale because i am too sick to even stand up straight. but seriously, i feel like i have let down a lot of people. people, please forgive me. i beg you.

then, tomorrow, i have another activity, i dont know whether i can be strong enough to join it. seriously, i feel like checking into a hospital and rest for several days. i am just too tired and sick..


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

That is so not cool..

You were dumped. You were left heartbroken. You were slapped on the face by a simple goodbye. You were told that the relationship could no longer be saved. Easily said, you were ruined due to the breakup. Up till now, the pain and wound are yet to heal and all you could do is diverting your focus away from the pain to the things that you used to love. The person that you love or fond of. The person who was partially the reason for the breakup. The sunshine of your day. The reason of your smile and happiness. The one that give you the will to carry on (besides God of course). The Tower that brings you to the peak of your heart.

But, when you search for that person, it will be so hard to find. Just like happiness. The more you search for it, the less appearance it makes. But just by knowing the existence is actually more than enough to keep you satisfied. Seriously, when you have lost all places you could hang on, you would not mind drifting on air. You only hear stories about the person. But you never see the person in person. Maybe it is for the better. Your heart may be too vulnerable to accept the fact that you and the person is just impossible due to the untreated wound and pain from the breakup with someone you used to dearly love.

Then, one day you got news about the person. News that you wish you never heard. News that the person has now changed. No longer the person you knew, or fond of. The news about how the person has become similar to the one who walked away from your life. The one who left you devastated. The one who shattered your heart into a million pieces with no intention of putting them back together. Seriously, the visual is disturbing and numbing at the same time. You felt a deep stomp on your heart. Stepped by nothing else but the bitter memories of the breakup. You are now lost in the deepest core of sadness and regret.

That is so not cool. Just when you thought there is a chance for you to heal and get up, you were crushed again by your own crush. it hurts real bad, it is salt on open wounds. All you could do is keep it inside and tell it to the stars and moon on a crying night.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

First time

There is a first time to everything. First kiss, first fall, first heartbreak and so on and so forth. Actually, what I want to say is this is the first time I write my blogpost on my new iMac. Yes, I just got myself an iMac. Although it is not new (I bought it from a friend since he needed money) but still, it is new for me. To be honest, I am seriously happy and glad when I buy this. Never in my life would I imagine myself owning a Mac. Now, I have it, an iMac. Of my own. Seriously, I am happy. That is all I want to say. I just want to share my happiness with you guys.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i think i lost it..

i used to be good. i used to be the target of competition. i used to be hated and envied due to my performance. i used to be able to elaborate my ideas clearly to others and speak my mind. i used to be able to generate a lot of ideas. i used to be confident. i used to love attention. i used to be outspoken and loud and say what i want to say and state my stand. i used to be good in a lot of stuff. i used to be good.

now, i choke during presentation. i stumble while talking to people. i have thousand slips of the tongue. i self-doubt a lot. i seriously turn shy. i am no longer fun to be with. i am at blur most of the time. i am a nobody now. seriously, i am nobody now.

seriously, i am disappointed with myself. what has happened to me in this few years. i thought being older means wiser, but why am i deteriorating? i feel dumb. i do not like this feeling. i feel helpless and i cant think of anything to help myself. sometimes, when i see people who used to be of lower level progress, i feel sad for myself as i has regressed. seriously, i feel down right now. i want to be that smart, being envied person again. not just some big-fat-not-good looking-low self-esteem-bimbo that happened to exist in the midst of people. i dont want to be a has been. i want to be the it person.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Someone like you

That is what I have been looking for since you walk away from my life. Someone who could give me that warm feeling I feel when you whisper in my ears that you love me. Someone who could give me the same shivers when you hold my hand and touch me to show me that you will always be there, by my side, through thick and thin. Someone who will give me the same secured and blissful feeling I feel when you put your arms around me. Seriously, I miss you damn much and I hate to admit this, but yeah, I have not moved on since the day you decide to walk away from my life. The day I realise that I have made a mistake that I could not revert. I know I sounded lame, but that is what I feel. Call me lame, I just could not be bothered.

Now, I have to live with the fact that you are no longer in my life and I have to go through it alone, all by myself. Gosh, I don’t know whether I have the strength to go through it. However, I have gone through it before, I just need to learn again how to do so. Losing support after so many years of dependency on it is so not cool.

I guess you might have moved on. Well, you usually heal fast since I have been giving you several ill treatments during all the time we were together. Well, it is not one sided, you too teach me a thing or two about cruelty. Hehe, seriously, we were abusive and yet we love one another. How ironic. Back to the topic, I think you have found someone new and I guess that person could give you the thing I could not give you. I wish for the best of you too, sincerely. I don’t hope for you to return since I know it is almost impossible for that to happen. There is only one thing I want to ask from you that is to not forget me. Seriously, I still hold tightly to our memories; both sweet and bitter. Bittersweet; that was what we were.

That is all I want to say to you. Seriously, I am still looking for someone like you.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting off focus.. again..

I told myself a thousand times. This semester will be better than the previous and I will put my focus solely on my studies. Hmm, looks like the whole telling yourself scheme has yet to show success. Instead, nowadays I go to classes with an annoyed face and a deep reluctance settled on my face, mind and soul. To be honest, I do not get it why? It is a self planned plan and I still fail to do so. I feel down with myself.

Due to this behaviour also, I have been sensing that some lecturers have started to feel annoyed and has started not liking me. What?! That is something new to me. Okie, not that new. I am always hated by at least one lecturer due to my attitude. Well, imagine having a student who comes to class, sits at the back, put on an annoyed face and do other work while the lecturer is teaching. Well, that student is me. So, I am quite used to being not liked. But usually this situation is fixed after a few weeks due to my participation in class later. But this time, I did not even have the effort to participate at all. Gosh, I have gone astray from my focus. Again.

I need to rethink about my focus again. I have to take a deep breath and set my focus again.


Monday, January 24, 2011



Being in a car for an extra one hour and a half is nothing cool. Your emotion starts going unstable. At first, you feel normal and determined to reach your destination. The mood of everyone will be all okie, friendly talks happen and discussion on what to do once we reach the place.

Then, you missed an exit. You start feeling the worry but it still does not bother you much for you have faith that the next exit will be the exit where you could make a turn to the place you are going. Now, you are one hopeful person. Then, once you see the next exit, you enter it; with hope soaring high in your mind and heart.

Then, you reach a place which seems to be a place of never-ending residential area. You start having panic attack but you try your best to stay calm. You still talk normally but this time, you could hear annoyance and unsure vibes coming from the speech. You will just follow your gut and do what you think is right to do to get out from the place. In the mean time, you look around and realise a lot of things. Among them is the place you wanted to go yesterday which were difficult to reach but now, it is right in front of your eyes.

Then, you keep on moving but to no avail. Your destination is nowhere near in sight and you start to feel anxious and angsty. You still talk but the soul is no more. You are now a Leona and emo-ness creeps in the void left by normal emotion. You start think everything negatively. Tension can be sensed filling the confined area of the car. This time, you only talk when it is necessary and when something went wrong add to your negativity. Giving up is now an option. Rationale is at its lowest. You can make decision correctly. You feel a rush of emotion: sad, angry, about to cry etc.

The journey continues. You seriously do not know what to expect. You start feeling a little bit light headed. You had nothing to put your faith on. You just go with the flow. Although we all know that deep in your heart, hope still lingers and want to make a break.

When you think everything is in vain, suddenly you see a familiar road: The road which will direct you to the destination. At first, you will feel hesitation in your mind because everything looks too good to be true but you want to believe it since you got nothing to lose now: You already lost something. You just follow the road and finally reach the destination. Seriously, at this time, your heart will be filled with a great sense of relief and you will just laugh about what has happened earlier.

*actually this is what happened to me last Sunday when I was on the way to my friend’s sister’s house. We got lost for more than 2 hours and we were on the verge of becoming crazy. Haha


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Plans that became reality..

Yesterday, before all of us went our own way, we said to one another tomorrow we will see my friend perform (sing) at a carnival (in the university, not any circus or funfair) and go to the flea market in PJ. Being a pessimist I am famous for, I nod with doubts filling my anticipation. I even sleep at very late since I am not confident about executing the plan. However, things worked out differently. I did go through everything planned, with extra things along the way.

I did wake up on time and catch my friend performed in front of the public. She was great. Her pronunciation in Japanese is something to be envied of. Man, not in a million years can I be good like her. I better stick to French. Oh yeah, the carnival however, was dull. Seriously, less than 10 booths? Not a carnival as far as I am concerned. Although the food look not so appealing, but some of my friend did buy some. I wanted that raw white tuna sushi (if you are a real Japanese food fan, you will know how rare is that) but I was too late. Better luck next time. Then, we made our move to a kopitiam to have our brunch (to be honest, I cannot recall the last time I had by proper 2 time breakfast and lunch, it is always combined).

Then, we had our brunch. Some with their ever so fancy phone (well at least compared to mine) surf the net and start tweeting about the topics and what we are doing at the kopitiam. Haish, life nowadays and social networking just cannot be separated. Suddenly my friend who suggested the plan to PJ sort of wanted to bail out since the place is quite alien to her and she wanted to avoid nag and confrontation. At that time, my doubt was satisfied but not for long. We decided to go along with the plan.

Get lost along the way. Expected. What?! The place is alien to us as mentioned earlier. But we did arrive at the place. Lost again. This time, in the building. Ask a promoter and guess what is the reaction? She answered it well but in the same sentence she promoted the product she supposed to promote. Super cool. The sentence is nowhere near congruence but she just go with it. Girl, you made my day. Thanks to the info, we found the place.

Upon arrival, all I could see is FASHION items. Cute! I love all of it. How I wish I could buy them all and wear them. But those are dreams. Made on sweet clouds, nice to see but to hold is impossible. Well, let just say, I circled the place a few times and help my friend picked an item. A cool pinecone-like ring. Another friend of mine got to meet her favourite blogger. Good for you girl. Oh, I missed a part at the flea market. Can you imagined that? I circled and missed a spot. How weird. Whatevs.

Then, we headed home. To be honest, by that time, sleepiness crept in and I tried to control my yawn most of the time. Finally, after dropping two of my friends, we headed home (we here is my another friend and I). Getting out from the car became a mission impossible when we were too tired and I seriously felt my leg wobbled around. Huhu, talk about how shopping can drench your spirit, looks like your physical too. Once we reached home, we find the best spot and lay our body to get the proper rest it should get.

All in all, I am happy that the plan goes as planned. Hope for more adventure later.

*happily tired*

Friday, January 21, 2011

Like seriously?

Imagined being in a class, with an instructor who has years of experience in the field he or she is teaching and referred by others as an expert, suddenly says to everyone in the class not to ask deep questions since she or he is not really understand what the topic is all about. Seriously, that happened to me recently. To be honest, the moment I heard this, I freaked out. How is the person going to mark my papers correctly when her or his understanding is not that high? Besides, the language proficiency of the person is also not that high. Worst of all, the person is also the core person of the subject. Seriously, I am scared.

What if I write the answers according to the book but not the way the person deciphered it? Will I get the marks that I deserved? So many questions are playing in my mind since the person showed me the incompetency. I pray for the best and I really mean it. I just hope our mind sync and the answers that I will give are according to the person’s understanding.

*freaked out*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sadness, I just don’t get you..

These few days, my life has been upside down. My mood swings extremely fast. I am easily saddened by anything lovely. I seriously recalled my previous relationships and every memory hurts me to the limit. I have been crying silently in my sleep. I somehow do not see the purpose of living at some point and at times, I just want to give up on everything. Including life. I had a feeling like my depression was returning back to me. OMG, I do not want that to happen again. So today, I going to lash out all my sorrow and despair on a piece of paper, write myself a poem about how my heart feels and finally let go of the sadness.
Seriously, I don’t really get it why I feel such way in the first place. It is not like people from my past come back and haunt me or sort. It just came without my notice. All I know, suddenly I am troubled by my memories. Let it be sad or happy, every memory hurts. So, I thought to myself, it is about time I take control of myself again. Cognitive over emotion. Be more productive and sadness, I can seriously put you aside and ignore you. I know to eradicate is impossible, so I will learn how to live with sadness which might be overwhelming at times. Till then, I am so forgetting you sadness..


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sweet love story + being alone = depression..

Okie, on the tv as I am writing this entry is a sweet love story between a girl and a robot. The story is so sweet and the love between the two looked so sincere and believable. I am watching it alone. Seriously, it is depressing for me. Huhu, after the major breakup and sort of lost hope for love, watching sweet love story is like watching a cat being burned alive; Depressing and full of gruesome images. Besides, I think I am being cruel to myself by tormenting myself to finish the show. Huhu, but the show is just beautiful and I will not trade it with anything. Although as I watch this, my heart starts shattering and by the time it will end, which is soon, I might need to collect them fast because the wind of misery took some of it and fly them away. Wow, poetic words from me. Haha. But seriously, I’m trying my best to contain my tears from flowing down my cheeks. Sweet love story never failed to make me cry. But not Nicholas Sparks however, they are just too depressing..

*love story sucks soul*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Don’t make me feel like a lamp post..

You know the feeling where you went out with your friend, which at first supposed to be just you and your friend but suddenly received addition of several people whom you do not really like or even know and worst of all, the partner of your friend? Seriously, this situation sucks. Like real bad sucks. Sucks until you feel like killing your friend and his or her partner than commit suicide kind of sucks. I hate it when people bring friend along when they are meeting their loved one. Like what is the point of them bringing the friend just to ignore them later? That is so inconsiderate and insensitive.

For me, if you want to go out with your someone, just go out by yourselves. Not with bunch of friends that you will just ditch later once that particular someone arrives. Then, PDA in front of your friend is so not needed. We know you guys love one another but you don’t have to show it in front of us. We just don’t care, or jealous. It is just plain obnoxious. Plus, you could bring your partner along when you are going out with your friend, only if the partner is known or is the friend of your friends. If not, just keep it to yourself please. I have enough friends I think and I don’t want to add more but I will never get close since I am known to be one hell of a snatcher, although I don’t do that.. anymore. Huhu.

Seriously, a friendly outing can turn into a silent feud if the person who suggested it is so not sensitive and person-centred. I have been into several occasions and I hope for no more. I had enough of keeping my anger. Let just hope I won’t lash out to the person and just walk away from the whole outing. The, you have reach my limit and if that going to ruin our friendship, I just don’t mind. Seriously, I need real friend, not FFB or insensitive friend or just friend.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Please, I detest such behaviour..

Okie, recently I talked to my girlfriends. The topic: Boyfriends who asked for the girl’s social networking access information. For me, I seriously despise this kind of behaviour since it is considered as a breach of privacy for me. Who gave the boyfriend the right to control the girlfriend’s life since they are not legally bound aka married? This kind of boyfriend for me is super insecure and does not have trust in people as well as themselves. What a shame to constantly live in paranoia. Everyone has their right on how to live their life. Even when you are married, that woman still has the right to have her privacy. Hello, it is not like all women who have privacy thought of being infidel. Haish..

Another annoying fact about this kind of BF is that they will never give the girl the access to their account however. So, it is a loss to the girl and a gain for the guy. So not fair. In the end, the guy is the one who found someone else and ditch the girl for the new one. I seriously hate this kind of guys. They are such a disgrace to the male population. Boo to guys who do this.

*je deteste*

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mencuba sesuatu yang baru..

Ini post bahasa melayu aku yg ketiga kot. Seingat aku la. Apa-apa pun, aku nak tulis dalm bahasa melayu sebab bersesuaian ngan topic yang aku nak tulis ni. Semester ni aku masuk kokurikulum dalam bahasa melayu. Untuk menambah kesengsaraan, sastera bahasa melayu *bunyi suara pompuan menjerit dlam citer seram*. Bak kata org putih, literature la. Secara serius, korg tak tahu betapa susahnya aku nak tulis dalam bahasa melayu ni. Dah berapa lama dah aku x menulis apa-apa dalam bahasa melayu, alih-alih amik ko, sastera bagai. Mmg sengsara okie *tambah lagu sedih drama bersiri melayu kat sini*. Tapi takpa, aku redha ngan ketentuan hidup ini. Camtu kan ayat.. hebat ko Sai..

Okie, semalam aku pi kelas pertama, dan cuba teka? Aku sorg je yg dtg, org len haram. En. Solihin, jurulatih aku pn pelik nape takde org yang dtg. Aku pn gtau la dia yg ikut system klas bukan kat situ, tp kat tempat len. Aku pun tau sbb aku telefon dia. Kalu x, aku pn sama cam org len gak la. Tunggu punya tunggu sampai kul 8 lebih-lebih skit last last kitorg mulakan je la klas tu. Dia terang pasal markah dan sume hal-hal teknikal tu, pastu aku tulis nama dan balik. Huhu.. sumpah cam terbuang je masa aku kat situ. Takpa la, kurang-kurang dapat kehadiran kan.

Apa-apa pun, sekarang ni aku tengah pikir, camne aku nak tulis 3 sajak bahasa melayu? Klu sajak English pn aku tak bape nk sure nk wat camne, ni kan plak bahasa melayu. Abis la..

*tgh pikir*

Monday, January 10, 2011

disagreement and what i would do about it

in life, we cannot be satisfied by everything. we will have disagreement due to the variation of mindset and way of thinking. this variation is the one which colours the world and make it more interesting to live in. a very varied and nonuniform world. imagine life with everyone having the same way of thinking. it only come to a word and it is BORING! so people, disagreement is normal and we should have disagreement in order to feel alive. okie, is it me or the last sentence sounds like words from a psychopath who constantly looking for excitement in the world in order to feel alive? who cares, as long as i state my points.

i also, being a human, or psychopath (who knows?) do have disagreements. let it be family, friends or policy maker. how i handle it? well, let me just say i am a person with a white colour personality. i hate conflicts. i hardly confront people for anything that i am not satisfied of. so, i would finally end up keep quiet about the whole situation and just accept what will happen next. i would only stand up about the thing if only i feel it is worthy. if not, i would only disagree in my heart..


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life sucks..

OMG, seriously life sucks at the moment. Myself is constantly bored by life. I don’t see the point of living right now. Most of the time, I stay in my room, surfing the net and interacting there. To be honest, I don’t know how many real life friend I have right now and even if I have any, they don’t really see me as someone important to them. I am just a person exist among their friends. Seriously, I don’t mean to offend anyone but that is the truth I am seeing currently. I am a friendless person.

Yeah, I used to say maybe I don’t really need anybody besides myself in this world. But, after a while, I seriously feel lonely. As if I am the only person in my world. I don’t talk to people. I got no one to turn to. I am sad most of the time, which I hid it quite good since nobody realises it or maybe, I am just ignored. I don’t know but one thing for sure, life sucks currently.

*sucking away my youth*

Friday, January 7, 2011

No feelings towards you anymore.

Last semester I had tortured you guys, my readers with my rambles on a particular person that I have a great sense of liking or should I say, crush of a lifetime, Tower. Tower was the reason for all the happiness, heartache, laughter, smiles and not to mention, cries. Tower was also the reason for my breakup *huhu* (T-T). Anyway, I know that Tower will graduate from this learning institution this semester and fly all the way to a different continent and stay at California for at least another 4 years to come. Well, since the incident (my breakup), I sort of lose hope in relationship. Seriously, I got no love for anyone. Love as in affection. As in partner, get it? So, I put my life focus right now is to study.

But, recently I bumped into Tower at the faculty. Maybe Tower was there to take the graduation pictures, hence the presence of photographers at various settings. Usually, upon the sight of Tower, my heart will pound as hard as it could and I will get all CRAZEH!! But not this time, I just acknowledge Tower’s presence and continue doing whatever I was doing at that time. I felt nothing. Tower is now nothing more than just a person at the same place as me. No more love for Tower.

Seriously, it is weird to suddenly lose interest in someone I used to drool over. Whatever it is, I just hope Tower will be happy with the life and journey he will soon embark in a different land. Good Luck TOWER!

p/s: saw my previous crush recently. Damn, F (the codename) is ruined..

*stray away from love*

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

please be there..

if you guys think that this going to be a love post due to the title; the post where a person writes about his or her longing to someone he or she loves and cares so much and hope that person loves him or her back and be there where they suppose to meet; you guys are absolutely... WRONG!!! this is a post about shopping to be honest. how shopping and the title relates? here it goes..

i went to the shopping mall, alone, after settling some stuff i need to do at the post office, to buy some things that i need for the survival of myself here in my rental house. but, before that, i have a feeling that i want to look for new handphones since my current phones are safely said.. SICK and SAD.. my sister once said that my phones are having gadget AIDS because they are deteriorating slowly (whatta?!). i am buying a phone not because i want fancy phones or i want to show off, it is just i need new ones to continue living. wow, how phones effects my life. so, i went to the place where most phones are bought here in SA.

i was looking for a phone that will suit me. a person who talk less, message more. QWERTY keypad is a must. i have seen how my phones suffers due to my extensive messaging. pity them, so my new resolution is to find a phone that will not suffer much. but once i am there i am appalled..

the place is crowded by that super-trendy-phones-that-are-too-expensive-for-the-features-it-has-that-i-will-never-afford-to-have-due-to-its-nonsensical-charges-and-high-price-machines. seriously people, i think most of you know what the brand is, i am so not promoting it on my blog. seriously, they are just too much, i am left with no choice. haish, please be there, things i want the most.

*please be there*