Tuesday, May 10, 2011


OMG, talk about the weather right now in this country. Why is it so hot? Seriously, after months of rain and comfort, this sudden hotness is so unacceptable. Once it was so cold until you can catch flu easier than catching a standstill butterfly, now it is so hot, migraine is just your new best friend. I seriously cannot sleep at night since fan is still not an item in my room. I have to fan myself manually, by hand, using the fan I got during the last Bon Odori. This happens every night and day. Every time I enter my room.

Why with the weather change? Is it a result of global warming? I thought global warming cools the cool weather and heats the hot weather? So, the previous weather has been cool, so it should get colder right? Not hotter. Or maybe the nation itself, like literary heated up due to the fact that the oil price is hiking again (okie, random much, environment do not have feelings, how can it be mad by the things that make people mad?) I do not know, but one thing for sure, the heat is unbearable. It is like the world is telling or giving a clue to the living of how hell will be. About 300 times hotter, that is all, or more. Who knows, I have never been there.

Gosh, as I am writing this, I am sweating like a pig (ironic much, pig does not sweat; it is a fact, hence the rolling in the mud, it has no sweat to cool its body, the mud does the work for it). My room feels like an oven. I feel like making a cupcake batter and leave it in my room and check it out next morning weather I can have cute little cupcakes without even baking it due to the hot weather. Seriously, I talking and rambling about nonsense. Blame whom? What else, the hot weather of course. Loss of water makes you go slightly cuckoo. Or in my case, big time major cuckoo. Huhu, I am tired, I shall rest and sleep now. In the room that tells me the story of hell and its fire.

*seriously hot and heated*

Movie night

After the longest time, I finally went out for a movie night. Actually, this was my second plan to catch a movie that same week. The first failed due to technical error (my phone was dead and my friends could not contact me) and the second was a success, although with several changes in the plan. Here are some of the things that happened that night.

We wanted to catch Pantas and Garang 5 (this is according to the ads, for those of you who are still blur on this topic, it is Fast and Furious 5 or for short Fast Five P/S: didn’t it sound a little bit like Fab Five, you know from the show Queer Eye for Straight Guys?). Then, we need to think of a new movie to catch. The choice was between Thor and The Roommate. Finally, due to some reasons (the actual reason was Natalie Portman!) we decided on Thor. Luckily, it was not a waste. Oh, just before we get to enter the room, the wait was agonizing, can you imagine they only open the room only 5 minutes before the movie started? Imagine the number of people waiting in the hallway. Then, when the room was finally open, there goes a stampede into the theatre. Haish, when will people start behaving like they are civilized and not Neanderthals?

Moving on, the movie started, but during the ads before the movie started, I realized there is something wrong with the sound system. But, with a positive mind, I said to myself, it would not hurt the movie. Unfortunately it did. At first it was okie although very much annoying then, it started to lose larger chunks of sound until we lost a part of the movie where Odin fell into an Odin Sleep. Now, “What” became a swear words since it was silenced (silencing is a method use to censor vulgar words). Seriously, the sound is similar to a broken or badly scratched vinyl and amplified by the Dolby surround system. Bleargh..

Then, the people in the movie are just plain weird. First, they laugh at wrong part of the movie, like when a son is showing great disobedience to the father, they regard it as funny. Huh? Another part, one of the warriors is about to be destroyed by the Destroyer and they decided that people’s fear of death is a laughing matter. I was like whatta? Haish, let use not talk about the unnecessary comments that I have to endure all the time I was watching the movie. Hello, if the TV in your house is so nice, why are you still watching the movie? Go home.

But the movie was nice. Okie, it is predictable and stuff like that. Who cares? It is adapted, so it is predictable. But I sense a lot of emotion coming from a superhero movie. That is something new. The Thor guy (Chris Hemsworth, brother of Liam Hemsworth from The Last Song) is Hotness! Like seriously. And Natalie Portman is just divine. My most favourite moment is when they both blush when the look in each other’s eye. Gosh! Haha. Anyway, I am sure there will be a sequel. Oh, before I forgot, that Heimdall guy, man, is he funny.

After the movie ended, we decided to trash about another movie, not that movie. Random much. Then, we headed home since it is already late and no place is operating at this hour. All in all, it was fun, both the movie and the outing. Finishing up 5 sour strips, eating gummy bears and marshmallows. Huh, I seriously need another movie night out. Huhu, ungrateful being.


I want to be with my Mum..

Yesterday, I went to my aunt’s place for a feast. It is just a small feast to celebrate her new house. I think it is housewarming. Whatever it is, the main story here is meeting my mum. Although I just got back to my hometown last few weeks, about two weeks ago if I am not mistaken, but I seriously, or dearly miss my mum. Seeing her yesterday make me feel so happy. Especially seeing her in KL, which is something that is so rare, it is like she came to me and not I go back to her. So, yeah, I was extremely delighted.
It was all easy until the night arrived where I need to get back to SA due to the fact that I have no more shirt and pants to wear. So, I need to make a move earlier than everyone else. Gosh, it was so hard separating from my mum again. I actually hold my tears all the time I was saying goodbye to her. Huhu, I seriously do not like SA and I do not want to be here. I want to be with my mum. But I remembered she said to me, finish up my studies first. So yeah, I will bear hopefully another year in this place that I have learnt to despise. All because of my mum.

*sobbing again*
(written on 2nd May 2011)

Talking about you..

This came to me when a friend of mine addresses this problem. Yes, I always talk about my relationships and what I have done with my partners whenever we get out. I do not know why, but I just talk about it. Especially when topic of love is raised. Yeah, some unnecessary details also leak out when I talk about those. Somehow, I am sensing that those speeches are tiring them out. So, I think I will stop talking about relationships, unless asked. Seriously, I need to stop talking about my past relationships activities.

I think the whole reason why I keep on talking about those stories is because it is just so hard for me to swallow the fact that right now, I am single and alone. Yes, I know I have been saying that being single is okie and I need not worry about not having anyone. But actually it bothers me like very much. Gosh, I seriously need to learn how to live without a partner by my side. Although I have been single for quite sometime physically, but my mind is very much clinging on the memories that I have created all the time I was with my exes. So yeah, I am never really being single both physically and mentally. Seriously, I think of this fact of me as sad, but I do not know how to not dwell in it.

What I should learn to do is to cherish my own life and embrace my singleness. I should not depend on the memory of past relationships just to get on with life. I should be my own drive, not other people. But I know it will be hard to do so. All I can hope is that one day, I can live in the resent and do not dwell in the past and let it integrates with the present as well as the future. Then, I am digging my own grave since not moving on is the sign of a dead soul. Hey, I am too young to have a dead sol. That are a lot that I have yet to experience and heartbreaks is just noting compares to what future holds for me. I know this so.

p/s: what is kolah air huh? Water tub? Surely not bath tub..