Monday, May 16, 2016

It has been a while..

*cleans cobweb* hello, I know I haven't been here for quite some time now. I basically have nothing to write. But, something had happened in my life lately and it has sparked the desire to write again.

For those who have followed this blog for a long time, you would know I write the most when I'm facing heartbreak. Well, that's basically what I am facing at the moment. After years of solitary and not feeling the need to open up my heart, I decided to give love a try again. Guess what? Heartbreak follows suit. Shit..

I am a firm non believer of online dating. I used to find it nonsensical. How can you love someone you've never met? Guess who had to swallow back all the words? Yours truly that is.. I met the person online, through that picture sharing socmed. Well, aesthetic wise, my type! Personality wise, hate to admit but it's my type too. You know, douchey and obnoxious. Yes, I'm that stupid repeat offender for abusing myself in shitty relationship. This time was no different. I have had my heart broken more than the years I remained single and we're not even an item yet. I am stupid but I cannot help it!

An ex even came back into my life just to warn me about the new person and I chose to ignore because I believe in a new beginning. Well, new means something different. It won't work when you still fall for the same thing over and over again. I knew better but I just could not care. Again, broken, in the brain and heart.

So yeah, I am back to being single and maybe I should plan for solitary life. Having a person in my life seems like an ordeal I don't think I am capable of handling. (Yeah sure, guess who will fall head over heels when the next chance comes? Me!)

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I have never been a fan of football.. Wait, I was! Some times when I was younger, but the feeling died, like most things in my life. What? I went dark too soon. Anyway, love for football is long gone and I don't think I can love it  anymore. But, life, being the silly jester it is, decided to force me to love the sport, or maybe handle it. Like what? I can't even with life at the moment. Why are you placing me in this mess! Whatever, love will never be in so I just need to learn how to manage..