Saturday, November 26, 2011

just something..

i cannot remember the last time i was here. i think it was a month ago. please, i am just too lazy to look at the archive. well, actually hectic life and lack of inspiration were the main reason why i abandoned this once was a pleasant place i call my lashing area. but now i am back just for fun. or maybe i need to do some emotional flushing. whatevs.
so, life nowadays is indescribable. to say it is bad is an overstatement and to say it is good is an understatement. so i can only say it has its ups and downs. workload is something that i wish to not talk about here as well as any other place in my life. it just causes me stress. so, what to write huh?
okie, actually, somehow i decided to become active. but i am regretting the whole decision now. what was i thinking when i said yes to those? was i mad, lost my mind? well, maybe because i think that my life nowadays is boring, so i should occupy it. NOT! huhu..

that is all, i am stuck. i cannot write any longer than those..