Sunday, August 9, 2015

Back to Nothing with you

We gave it a try. Again. We embraced the familiar physical to discover the alien souls that reside now. These souls, used to understand each other can now no longer sing the same song, finish each other's sentences and guess what's in each other's mind. We are now complete strangers with familiar faces. What time has made us into. It's ironic to think that at times we believe that love is timeless and eternal when the people in love are constantly changing.

After much thought, we decided that it is not wise to be together when the pieces don't fit anymore. We are like two pieces of puzzle, but from different sets. Not destined to be in each other's life anymore, as the complement. There's a missing piece in our love, but we are not each other's.

We are back to nothing. Not square one because there wasn't one to begin with. Let's move according to our separate paths now and maybe see each other along the way. Maybe not as partners, but passersby that meant something once upon a time.