Thursday, November 26, 2015

Too used to loneliness

Since I was a young child, going out was never something I look forward to. I am what we call a domestic person. I can stay at home for days without going out and still feel alright after that. However, back then, I have my family with me. I was never alone. Otherwise can be said for loneliness though.. You can be lonely in the sea of thousands..

The thing started to grow on me when I moved out from the family house and lived on my own. I got to know the joy of staying alone and be with no one else but me. I started appreciating the silence. After some time, I got so used to it. I find living in silence as the way to live. I was never lonely but I live in loneliness. I got addicted to it.

Now, I find it hard to live like a normal person. A community unit. All because I'm too used to being all by myself. It is not that I don't try. I just find it to be a hassle. I am too used to loneliness. It has become my way of life.