Wednesday, August 14, 2013

im still a kid in the eyes of others..

Hari Raya, a day to celebrate the end of Ramadhan, the fasting month, and your success in fasting, if you are fasting. if not, it is just a celebration for you to show your latest addition to your wardrobe and catching up session with friends and families. for most, it is both and for me especially. every hari raya, i will go back to my mom's hometown for the gathering at the house of my late grandparents on my mom's side. there, i will meet with my aunts and uncles, cousins and new additions, you know, in-laws.. usually, i am very excited about this because it is not common for us to be seeing each other often because we are scattered all over the state. however, this year, i dreaded it slightly, just for the fact that i felt like a failure for not finishing my studies on time. yeah, i am that hard on myself. although i know there are more people facing the same thing, i am not used to it.

what is hari raya without the duit raya. well, usually it is given to those who are still studying and young. as the age grows, the money flows away. the older you are, the lesser you get. i, supposedly, am out of age to receive duit raya anymore. hey, im 23, i know i am an adult already although i constantly deny it. so, to be missed in terms of duit raya does not bother me anymore. however, this year, i realised that people still treat and see me like a child and give me duit raya. i got about 7 money envelopes, like what?! guess i am still a kid in people's eye..