Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well accepted..

I dreaded the gathering. Like seriously. I did not want to meet anyone and explain my situation to people. But deep inside, I know it was inevitable. I was worried sick.

Later I found out that all my worries were for nothing because people seemed to understand it well. They did not even give me the judging look when they heard or listened about it. Guess I am blessed to have this supportive environment..


Dya J said...

WOw, that was good Sai to have such environment! :) All the best and jom lepak next time. And kenapa i takleh wechat you dah tah?

junior_sysco said...

I know right.. how grateful i am to be in such an environment.. okie, anytime later when we are free then we can lepak together.. ye la, im a student still, org tu dh berkerjaya.. haha.. about wechat, guess it is because i have no internet connection at home so i turn it off most of the time.. huhu

Dya J said...

Choi. I tak kerja. I intern picisan jah wei. HAHAHA okay. we can still talk somewhere else though XD