Sunday, November 17, 2013

bumpy ride or smooth sail?

Life is journey: Fact! there is a destination to it; Death: Fact! how it begins and how it ends is not up to us, that is the job of the higher power, but what happens in between, that is the life we're living is up to us. there are people who live a short while but it was worthwhile and some live for a long time but have been dead for the longest time. for me, living and dying is not about the beat of the heart, it is about the things you do to make you appreciate every breath you take and the memories you make. hence coming to the question; what sort of life do you aspire to have?? a smooth sail or a bumpy ride?

both have theirs cons and pros. let's not talk about it because it will take an eternity to finish.. or maybe more. the focus here is live your life the way you want it, do not fit into the mold of others because the people say so. yes, i know being deviant is not really a smart choice but come to think again, just how similar are you to the one next to you? how different are you to them? in my opinion, everyone is a deviant person for no two persons are the same, even identical twins, sharing DNA has noting to do with sharing personality. however, one needs to remember about some morals and ethics that one should have and use as a guide in going through life.

as for me, i am a fan of both because let's face it, life with no balance equals to early death, either physical (stop breathing) or emotional (not feeling alive). so, some smooth sailing journey remind me why i need those bumpy rides to be alive and those bumpy rides remind me that the goal here is to achieve the smooth sailing life. reciprocation is the key to being alive. live a balance life, don't dwell in negativity or positiveness to much because abundance of something is indulgence and over indulgence leads to abuse and abuse only brings you closer to the destination aforementioned: DEATH!