Sunday, November 17, 2013

turn negativity to positive energy..

so, as you all know, i am a student in my extended semester. yup, i could not finish on time due to my own choice. once people push me too much, i push away everything and start ignoring them. so, that is what happened and to be honest, at times, i do feel the regret sinking in me but at other times, i remind myself that this is a choice i made and one rule to live is to never be disappointed with any choice you made because if you do, then you are questioning your whole existence. yup, i am that harsh to myself, pray to the lord i will not be as harsh to my children later. haha

anyway, my batch mates had their convocation on last monday and it seems like a joyous day. maybe for some Frapjuous since they are the benchmark in their family. whatever it is, it is nice to see so many smiling faces but it saddened me as well as i am not a part of it. however, instead of dwelling in self pity and loathing, i decided that to use these pictures of smiling faces, instead of a slap to my face for shame, as a slap on my face to wake me up. they all believed in me at one point and i have failed them once, so i must not failed them again. i must work hard to get what i deserve, the same thing they had. maybe they won't be around during my time but i know i have succeeded thanks to them. so, that's it. those negative feelings i am feeling at the moment shall be turn into my working fuel.

please, life is to short to be living with hate..

*fired up*


Haki said...

You go, Sai! You know you can do it. :)

Good luck!