Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Peeps, get yo shizz togetha hunneh!

This is a work related rants. Just be informed of that! So, proceed with the notion that this is a mad person writing. Though curses and profanity shall not happen cuz lady got class but hunny, i shall be wailing!

So, ya know, I've worked at this "learning" centre for about four months now and let me get to it, it's cray cray! Why the quotation mark? Well, they don't really get the idea that a learning centre is about education! About teaching the mind! Not just really making sales! Like hunny, i know i learned how to be a teacher but to be the only one running all classes? Plus developing all the way from syllabus to assessment to material to everything about the company? You mad bruh?? Did you guys miss the notice that i am a human, of the same make up as you guys?! If you guys can do it all alone, how can i? Gurl, i work based on what my brain can capacitate, not create miracles from puking rainbows! Well, if i used all 100% of my brain capacity then yeah, vomit rainbow is a thing (Lucy movie reference). Till then, i need help! And I'm not supposed to find my own help because I'm pretty sure that's not a part of my job! There's no point working in a company when the running is done by just a person! And it's not even mine to begin with! I can just get the hella out from there and leave you guys just like that! No ragrets! (The typo is intentional, am not mentally challenged, just mad).

Lately, I've been giving them attitude. I hope they see it as a sign that I am sick and tired of their irresponsibility. I am just staying there still because a) I need money to keep living and b) I want to finish that work I've had done and put my stamp on it, i hate leaving job undone and c) if i go too soon, it will look bad on my resume on the loyalty factor. To be honest, you guys killed the person inside of me! Never have i been more jaded than this.

Okie, end of rant!