Monday, September 1, 2014

Finally! A long weekend!

You know what sucks?? Working on public holiday with normal wages. That's the situation I had last Merdeka. Yeah, Merdeka much when you're bound by your job. Fortunately, we were given replacement day off until Wednesday which means it's an elongated weekend for me. What to do? What else! Balik kampung! Yass! The last time I when back there was the last Hari Raya and that was brief due to the need to attend a wedding of the bosses. So, this time around, I am back with no strings attached.. Or sort..

Can't wait for all the food! And also all the outing to familiar places! Just the sea is a pleasure on its own! How grateful I am to live on an island. Haha, I sound like someone who hasn't come back for years! So ovah!!

But, I need to finish the talk that I am writing before the office opens.. Haish, the worst is the topic is so not up my alley at all.. Damn.. Now I'm questioning my decision.. Pfft, who cares! Vacay!