Monday, October 20, 2014

back to hunting..

so, the one month notice is in and i am back on the market yaww. well, not really a good news when the fact is i decided to quit with no back up plan. i just have to. to keep my sanity. i am done with the chaos or the no management that i am forced to face everyday. anyways. finding job, i already knew it, is no easy thing. got called by a few places, went for interviews. rejected one.. waiting for a suitable one to walk in. haish.. so many things to consider about in so little time. kinda happy that its a month notice and not 24 hours.. at least i can sustain for another month. yeah.. sustaining, that's the mission of life at the moment. pfft, what have i become??

anyway, read about scholarship opportunity on the way of becoming the thing that i want, an educator, researcher and developer. hmm, interested of course. must prepare myself up for the whole application then. my principle is, i wont continue my studies if it is going to be my parents money but if it's on a scholarship, i'm all in baby!! so, yeah.. but that is plan B. for now, plan A, work! please good opportunities, do knock on my door..