Thursday, July 9, 2015

I did that..

Woke up from a nap, feeling nostalgic. I reminisced the life I had and the people that were in it. One particular person stood out more than the rest. Because that person was my friend, to a certain level, a best friend. But things went sour quite fast. The blame was always on him but I now realised, it takes two to kill a relationship.

How could two friends ended up constantly stabbing each other? I couldn't recall the beginning but I remember how it ended.the thing is, matters of the heart is complicated and when you mess with one's love, you might create a monster. That's what I did. I created the person who wanted to destroy me. I retaliated badly as well. I fought fire with fire. A move qrongly chose.

Whatever it was, it's now a part of my past. The past I parted ways with years ago. Only I woke up feeling nostalgic and the memory hit me like a gentle slap on the cheek, waking me up from the delusion I had about it for years.