Thursday, July 9, 2015

Another jump..

After months of wait, the result is finally out. I am on the path of being in a job I thought of when I signed up for my university studies. In a way, I am glad but at the same time, nervous as I have strayed away from that path for quite some time. But I believe in starting anew,especially in things that you know you can learn to love it. So, it's time to part ways with doubts and accept all positivity.

Anyway, I remember promising to myself a few years ago that I will not job hop in my post uni life. Lol, look at what life has made me do so far? Haha how clueless I was. However, this time around, I hope this will be one of my last transitions in terms of career though I know I will face a lot more in the future. Well, the least I hope for is my next transitions will be along the same path. No more straying away. I have strayed away from comfort for way too long, it's time to return, although it may be brief.

One thing that I hope in this new place is to be the best me. The best I can be. A person I can be proud of and contented with. Leaving a legacy may sound farfetched but I believe if I work really hard, it's achievable. You know, the satisfaction of looking at a success and say "I did that". Yeah, that's what I am looking for. One can always dream right? Haha

Okie, that's all for now. Wish me all the best in my latest endeavour. Till next time.
P/s: this was written on paper prior publishing. My handwriting sucks.. Hahaha