Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Break free..

The first month has passed and I must say, I am getting used to the job. Well, somehow I feel like this is something that I could do till I am quite old. Not in this environment though. Not to badmouth or anything, but the environment seems rather futile and stagnant. Somehow they're making changes for the sake of surviving, and not progressing. I miss intellectual talks and discussion I would have with my friends and colleagues previously. Well, maybe I have yet to get to know everyone. Despite tgat, there's someone who always share his thoughts with me regarding our work environment and I must say, I resonate to his thoughts. Yeay to finding similar mind.

Anyway, at the moment, I am enjoying a one week break from work. So happy to break free from that place. Not that it is a bad place but it just doesn't feel like home just yet.. Or ever.. Did not plan anything though for the break.. Mostly because of Aidiladha is in the middle of it. It's a big family matter for us. How I wish I can escape to somewhere on my own..