Sunday, September 13, 2015

feeling old..

living among youths. yup, that is my life at the moment.i live with youngsters, who have yet to know the world, in their sheltered mind. how sweet is innocence.. only to taste the bitterness of truth. haha, i know i sound like an old bitter person but i guess hard life had made me into such a person. in a way, it's stimulating to see such innocence in action, where all dreams are possible and life is going to be like how you plan it. i remember being that person, though it was not for long. i learned about reality way too soon and it resulted in something incurable in me.

anyway, seeing their innocent thoughts, it makes me feel real old. like so old, i could be turning into dust soon! like seriously decaying as i am living.. or breathing more likely. am i still living? time will tell me that because for now, i am pretty sure i am in a limbo. whatever it is, i dislike youth for its innocence because the only good that comes from innocence is positive outlook on life and in my case.. you know how it goes..

call me Pops the next time you see me! hahaha