Saturday, July 11, 2009


there was once.. a boy.. who had climbed a mountain.. the mountain was so nice.. beautiful and serenating.. and it is far more beautiful than the swiss alps.. but who would have thought in such a perfect place.. the snow that lie on the peak of it was just waiting for its time.. to turn into a big avalanche.. and destroy everything that the boy loved so much.. although the boy tried to make the mountain into what he loved again.. it was unsuccessful.. and he finally ending up leaving the mountain.. and move on with life.. but stil.. memories from the place will never leave him.. as it was one of the nicest memories ever occured in the boy's mind.. and the place shall stay in his mind forever.. as the mountain was his confidante.. the place where he finds comfort when the world was against him.. when his loved one betrayed him.. and now.. the boy is left alone.. with no one to console and comfort him.. although there are other mountains that he could climb in order to find peace and assurance.. but it will never be tha same like the mountain he loved and cared so much..

*crying inside*


Zouq said...

climbing a mountain?? huu..why not trying to climb a tree...with peace,serenity and calm... the best is there's no snow on top if it, just greenly leaves..hey, cheer up la...

there's always gonna be another mountain and you shan't forget the first mountain you had conquer due to harsh circumstance, just explore i said, a tree..huhuhu ('',)

Anonymous said...

lemme tell u bout my mountains..

one is away.. another ske menjalang.. arrrghhh!!!
and another one is in love with me..

ahhh.. mountains.. wat wud we be without them..