Sunday, July 5, 2009

starting fresh.. or not..

well, let just say im back to my old place to continue my study here.. and meet my friends again.. and luckily i got into the same room with two of my friends.. well, the policy states that friends from same courses could not fill the rooms with themselves only.. fine.. like it would bother me.. and somehow this year.. the level of obscenity of this friend of mind has increase way a lot.. it sometimes bothers me.. but only sometimes..
however, most of my friends say one thing about me.. i've changed.. im no longer the Sai that they have known.. im not that crazy as before.. im not as soft as before.. and less cruel too.. heh, really.. yup, i feel the same way too about myself.. im having one of the biggest identity crisis in my life.. i dunno which way to follow.. previously.. it is easy for me to cry for someone.. now, there is always something that will stop me..
meeting new people.. we might have crushes.. i have one.. but it dont even last for a week.. which was weird for me.. usually it took me badly.. this time.. i choose not to like that person anymore.. so, maybe it's true that i've changed emotionally.. however, crushes took my friend badly.. he lost his appetite.. get emotional easily.. hmm, weird to see him like that.. old stories still haunts me.. *** still hasn't picked up his phone for the up tenth time.. *** still dont have the courage to talk to me after what have happened.. im still waiting.. you just love to make me wait..
classes.. i have sorted myself into a class full of new classmates.. although i havent met them yet.. but im optimistic about it.. they cant be that bad.. our juniors also looks more fun than us.. and they really like us(i hope)..
that is all for now.. i dunno what else i could talk about.. updates later..