Monday, November 2, 2009

i thought i have..

i thougt i have forgotten you.. i thought you bring no significance to my anymore..i thought i have got over you.. but i guess im not.. you still play a part in my life.. everytime i hear our song played in the air.. my eyes go teary.. air rushed out of my lungs.. i still deeply attached to you.. although i was the one who asked you to forget me.. stupid me.. i just cant help myself.. im weak without you.. but i would never admit that in front of you..

sometimes i regret the time when we were together.. i always show that expressionless face.. no matter what you did for me.. when you sing me the song.. i wanted to cry.. but i stopped myself.. i will never looked weak in front of you.. i never follow what i always wanted to do.. and i regret all that now.. how i missed you.. and your warmth..

seriously.. i pray i could forget you.. but for now.. i still cant..

*crying with a stern look*