Friday, October 30, 2009

im tired of all these..

seriously, i need to lessen my post okie.. i been posting like.. everyday these days.. so, i decided to make a gap between each post.. lol.. haha.. it has been a few days now.. so, it is okie for me to do so.. haha.. justifying my own wrongdoing.. so, now is the time for my finals.. and im so not ready for it.. and seriously not in the mood of having any examination.. huhu.. lol.. DL.. i dont think i could get it.. but i do hope i get it.. lol.. i need to motivate myself to study.. haha.. but i just cant find a way how to motivate myself.. assistance people.. if only i could put my mind and goal straight.. to get a first class degree.. so that i need not pay the loan.. haha.. wrong reason.. let just hope i'll find a way to study.. and be motivated..

then, life matters.. hmm.. things nowadays are going quite find.. i am still able to control myself.. and im still in love with the same person.. now, impossible no. 2 is out of the game.. just leave no.1 and 3.. haha.. i just lost my interest in no.2.. i think we are not more than just friends.. but im still hoping for no. 1.. these days have shown me something.. people in love do crazy things.. haha.. i bet i did those also before.. only being on the receiving end is rather appalling.. and some just do not know the limit when to stop telling stories.. haha.. i mean the very private details.. euww.. please.. keep it to yourself.. i dont want okie..

OMG.. now i knowhow it feels like to be short in money.. damn.. it's hard.. i wish i never had to endure it again.. ever again.. okie.. it's like you can have anything that you want.. or need.. hah.. you have to stop shopping.. the worst of all.. let just hope thhose who owed me money pay back okie.. im desperate for it..



watip said...

sometimes i feel like i am a teenager again, with bigger problems...