Sunday, November 15, 2009

my birthday..

huhu.. so people.. my birthday fall on the 14th november.. and like every other year, i celebrate it with great moderation because i dont really fancy big celebration.. OMG, i just find out that i shared the same birthday with Tyson Ballou (the guy from D&G ads), Yuna (Malaysia's new singing act) and Prince Charles (the guy who got married to someone nice and still fall for an old hag).. what a powerful bunch.. i hope im going to be that powerful also some day..
so, lets talk about this year's celebration.. let me just put it in one word.. nice and simple.. wait.. that a phrase.. whatev.. and mostly homemade.. which made it so special.. hah, no place is better than your home.. and this year is all about family.. no friends were involved since everyone is so occupied with personal matters.. but i dont mind.. family first.. and of course no loved one.. haha.. i dont mind that either.. the celebration is all about food and talk.. hah.. love it..
oh, something to brag.. i baked my own cake.. a double layer strawbery and chocolate cake with chocolate coating and strawbery chips sprinkled on it.. and it tasted good.. haha.. Gosh, i do know how to cook.. but, i just dont want to.. haha
people, im one year older and really hope that im one year wiser too..



watip said...

u shud try to do that when u mpve into ur house.i nak rasa taw!=p