Saturday, December 5, 2009

So many time, so little to do..

Since my birthday, I have not written anything in my blog.. let me put it straight.. nothing interesting had happened in my life since my birthday.. can you imagine being in a holiday island and all I do this holiday is stay inside the house.. I don’t even go out to shopping mall just for window shopping like what I always do back then.. I have become so reserved.. and I don’t know why.. one obsession that I have add in myself is eating.. and body is taking all the harm from it.. lol.. I look terrible.. besides that, I got nothing else to do.. it has been the longest time since I last read any novel.. regardless of the language.. seriously, I need to fill this holiday with something.. so that I won’t eat so much.. haha..

One event that has happened to me which bring quite a turmoil in my mind is meeting my ex who is now my friend.. okie.. I met my ex the day before but I did not greet because I was in a rush.. besides, I know I will meet him again the next day.. and yes, I met him again.. for the first time, he saw me and say nothing.. I was aghast but I don’t think too much about it.. with the spirit of friendship, I went and greet him.. nicely.. and I was taken aback by his reaction.. he looked at me with a very reluctant look and say.. “maybe it’s about time we start acting like ex-es”.. the moment he finished his words, I went off without even saying goodbye.. damn.. what about the promise of we’re gonna stay friends although we’ve broke up.. and it all happens after more than a year the relationship ended.. which is weird.. I found out that he found someone new lately but that just can’t be the reason.. since him, I went out with three people at least.. and he also has seen a few after me.. it is just so confusing.. I don’t want to lose a friend anymore..
I want to do a lot of things okie this holiday but I just don’t know what.. and seriously im bored to death.. everything seems not very appealing to me.. what should I do?



watip said...

sai why do i think we have lots in common?i mean nowadays i loathe going out not only during the hols but even during my times in uni. and the ex boyfie.i tink the quote is somehow true: every person we met will leave footprints forever.and some of them don't even want to leave.or maybe we are just not letting them go.and it's horrible!

Sysco said...

that's the reason why we r besties.. yeah, the quote is true.. some want to hold on to us while some we can't let them go cuz we want to hold them..