Saturday, June 12, 2010

those little things that you do..

in life, we all fall in love. let it be love for things or person, we still fall in love. so, do not ever dare to say you never fall in love, even narcissist fall in love, with themselves that is. okie, one thing about love, it is sometimes hard to comprehend. even with extensive explanation, sometimes it just do not make any sense. materialism, which is love for things, is mostly understood but affection, love for others is hard to comprehend and it always remains a mystery, no matter what your gender are. no gender are any smarter when it comes to love. both are clueless but act smart. that is just normal human nature.

talking about affection, i remembered once i fell for someone who my friend could not make any sense why i would like the person. the person was normal, nothing appealing nor interesting and best of all, was nothing similar to people i have dated nor seen before. so, it is just incomprehensible. when i was asked for explanation, my explanation was there is no explanation, it just happen. all they see, the person is just plain and nothing special, but in my eyes, that was the definition of perfection. everything was at where it belongs, nothing goes out of hand. however, what made me love the person even more is the small little things that the person does that are important to me.

what are small little things? they are the normal everyday things that he or she do in everyday life. some examples would be a smile when he or she woke up in the morning, the saying of Hi to you on your presence, the smile he or she gave whenever you are around, that is what the small little things are. those are the things that will always remind me why i love the person in the first place. it shows how he or she appreciate you and really love you for who you are. the big things may make you happy, like presents, flowers and chocolates, but those are temporary, what stays forever is those little gesture that stays in your heart as long as you are together, those are the things that is going to be remembered when you are far from each other.

so, do not really chase for the big things because in the end what matters is the appreciation and love that he or she shows in the small little things he or she does for you..


spAn_kUrAk said...

sgt like. hehe

Nyna said...

totally agree!! for me, i appreciate more for the littlest thing that anybody did, to me. =)
May God bless you! ;D