Monday, July 5, 2010

Hmm.. Ermm..

okie, it is the beginning of the new semester. one thing that i could say about this whole situation is i am so not totally excited about it. i do not know why am i having such a feeling, all i feel right now is a mixture of underwhelm and overwhelm intertwined together simultaneously. besides, i feel a great sense of loss and to be honest, no offense to anyone, i am consumed by loneliness most of the time. i just feel lazy and tired and totally lack of proper amount of adrenalin. i just could not find my drive to work this semester.

at times, i feel like crying as tears have been loyal companion of me and never fail me when i really need them. however, i know crying will do me no good, instead it just make it worse. it will do nothing but make me fall deeper into the abyss of negative feelings. seriously, i am speechless, hopeless and useless in managing and maneuvering through this troubled time of my heart and emotion. i think, nobody can heal me, but me. or maybe there is somebody meaningful enough.... Hmm.. Ermm

*emotion over cognitive*