Wednesday, May 19, 2010

problems.. when will they stop appearing..

first of all, sorry for the absence. the reason is my lappy is STOLEN.. damn you thief. i hope you have the worst nightmare and your life and hell is not much different. you will forever be haunted by the guilt of stealing something from me.. i hope you will be barren so you will never bear to future thieves. or maybe the thief should just die, in a car crash, run over a few time until you dont look anything resembling a human.. hehe, i made the crime sound so big, isn't it? well, that is just the usual me. actually, i dont really feel sad about the loss, instead i am filled with anger. anyway, life goes on even after problems and mishaps happened to me.

okie, actually i am currently in my hometown. home sweet home, as most would say, but not me. i am happy at home, but i also have to listened to a lot of problems happening around me. let it be financial, behaviour and even relationships. i would not go into details as it is to my family concern only. seriously people, you dont want to be in my shoe. you can only listen, but you can do nothing. you feel helpless and just pray for the things to turn around. huhu, i am praying hard but at times, i lost hope. however, i believe i can manage through it. quote from my sister, " God will test those who He believes have the will and strength to face it." i believe i can.

that's for now..

*patience is a virtue*


yUKi said...

i guess u're a good listener =)