Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's August..

i know this month will arrive, although deep in my heart i prayed for it to never come. a merry month to most, but a month of goodbye to me. farewell to someone i wish i never met and got to know because now letting go is just too difficult..

with the thought of you going away and i need to let you go paved in my mind for so long, i prepared myself for these to happen. little that i know, no matter how many or how much preparations i have made, they never prepare me for the real deal. the void that the separation will leave, a blank space flooded by tears and melancholy.

without you in sight, i am strong, bubbly and slightly motivated. however, upon your arrival, i fumble, crumble and stumble. you still take my breath away, stop the rotation of my world and close my vision and horizon, although a thousand times had i told myself, you are hell impossible.. but i am weak, i cannot resist your charm even when you are not using it, you do nothing, your presence itself is a blessing to me.. i hate effortless people, they do nothing and get and have everything.

i know i never say anything of this matter and you shall never know since talking to you was a never event in my life. how i wished for a chance to talk and express all this to you. but, it is August now, a little too late for anything.. it means goodbye.. goodbye, goodbye... Tower...