Monday, January 2, 2012

drifted year..

this is about the year 2011. i know most blogs have written on this issue. well, include me in the bandwagon. i just need to express my feeling about the year that has just passed. i must say, mine is negative, not likely to be positive at all..

the year starts with the pain from the previous year. the death of my dad. yup, the year starts with a mourn. i was still mourning for the death of my dad. someone that is so dear to me. someone that i look up to and someone that i want to impress so much. i guess now i can only talk to him through my prayer. then, the year also starts with wounded heart from previous year breakup.. a 3 year long relationship that finally ends because the sparks were gone.. and to this day, i am still not healed.. the wound is still open..

then, several mishaps starts to happened.. theft, back stab, lost of friends and many more.. all these make an opportunity for my long oppressed depression to come back into surface.. and i must say, that is a bad thing..

then, there was this long break.. 4 freaking months.. and all i do is nothing.. yeah, nothing.. because i have to face a lot of issues that are beyond my control but i am involved.. i dont even get to have fun.. all i do is just sit and do nothing.. just observe as the world and time pass through me.. i was wasted.. i broke down a few times back at home..

the second half give me no break.. instead more shits.. a lot of issues rose.. friends, housemates, and academic.. then the accidents.. im disgusted by life by the end of it.. almost overdose myself in medication due to the depression.. yup, till that serious..

however, i found friends along the way.. friends that i know will stay with me till the end of this torturous moment in uni life.. they are the ones i cling to in times of need..

the year has passed.. i hope all the bad things remain there, as part of memories.. never to be resurfaced and to be oppressed in the unconscious mind..

*new year, new hope*