Tuesday, January 3, 2012

of working and me..

this semester is the first semester i ever thought of working. why? well, i have been with my family for way too long and i understand how that they cannot actually support me. what? my mum got other responsibility besides me. nothing that i will complain. due to that, i decided to work. yeah, to support my own living..

living as a student and working at the same time is not that easy. well, besides all the work you have from your academic development side, your career side too is giving you work that needs to be finished on a deadline. oh, btw, i am working at my own faculty for those of you who have no idea about me, although i think most of the readers are people who knows me personally. so yeah, i have been juggling matters in life starting this semester. study and work. to be honest, at times it is just tiring.. i feel like stopping but to no avail due to commitment.. yeah, i maybe hard to commit in a relationship but work, that is something i am sure i can commit very much.

then, end of year approached and to be honest i am glad since it meant the end of my contract. however, to my surprise today, i was called to the office and were asked to continue working. however, this time around at a different office under different body. what? why? i wanted to take a holiday and rest from all these madness.. looks like that is just a dream not to come true.. huhu..

then, a lecturer upon knowing that i wont be working anymore with my previous boss directly booked me to be her helper for the next semester.. wait, that means that i will be working non stop.. this semester break (january to March) and the semester that comes after (march to july) then off to my practicum (July to October ?) then a four months break which i dont know whether they want me still to work for them..

what?! i am a student.. i shouldnt be working all year long.. that is just insane.. my mode is full time, not part time.. but what can i do? i think i will just bare with it.. at least i have money.. my own money..