Tuesday, December 4, 2012

double digit..

it has been a while since i last wrote anything up here in this blog. i think it is time to clean all the dust gathered and come up with a new story. anything interesting that has happened lately? hmm.. what about my birthday? yeah, that will be something i can talk about.. and the off i took with my own liberty from the faculty because i just dont want to go to class? yeah, that one too.. here how they go..

my birthday. it falls on 14th november every year. as i am no longer a child, i dont really care about it anymore. it is just reminding me that i am getting older. not like that is actually a bad thing but you know people and their reservation about getting old. anyway, this year, i decided to hide my birthday from notifying anyone on FB since i dont want to mess up my wall. what? those happy birthday wishes is sweet, if you really mean it. not just because your notification reminds you. i cherish genuineness. yes. so, those who wished me, seriously, you guys are so sweet and i could get diabetes from loving all of you!back to the story, i had a class on that monday, the 11th November so i attended it and i was contemplating whether should i go since two holidays were just around the corner. then i received a phone call from my sis and my mum asking me about my homecoming. i told them about the workload, they told me about the pavlova. i chose pavlova over work. please, was it even a dilemma? so, i decided to get back. and yeah, celebrated my birthday there.. seriously, the celebration was small and only family members were involved but that is the kind of birthday i want. a real meaningful one. i know i am sentimental. do not judge me!

then, i was planning my return here when suddenly there was a plan to visit a theme park. girl, it would be stupid of me to shove that away for a class or two! haha, i am that carefree. plus, i have not missed that class and it is silly if i dont do that for i have the opportunity. so, i went there. a water theme park. played a lot there. played in the tubes. almost drowned myself. took a bad picture of myself. haha. that is somehow all. then, received a phone call from a friend. the news was, no class for the next two days. Boy, i did not see it coming but i was accepting it with open hands. yeah, more break for me. well not really. let me tell you why..

got back home. i needed to make a thousand cupcakes. yes, a thousand. and i have only one oven. imagine the time taken. seriously, my love for cupcakes was put to a test when i can no longer see one and not feel terrified. yeah, the experience was traumatizing, i need counseling and rehab. well, celebrity ones since i can always run away later. haha

so, that is about all i can talk about myself for now. oh, about the title, that's my age. 22.. double digit.. :P

*another year sets in*

my pavlova. isn't it nice. made by my sis..


Nananadpeng said...

So cuuuuute haha alahai you're only a nigga woman in one paragraph.