Sunday, December 30, 2012

rants before sleep..

these are what i had thought last night before falling asleep. blame it on someone on Twitter who made me dive into my personal thoughts on life and love. here are some of them..

loving the impossible is one of my favourite things to do. the pain that i feel everytime i am awakened by the reality that nothing will happen between the person and i is making me know that i am actually alive.however, behind every moment that i am told that i am alive, i am also dying, little by little for the pain is killing me as well. i am not at a limbo. between life and death. my bond is Feel and the dominant ine is Pain..

i am a distant get near, i am scared. not sure of my fear. is it rejection or acceptance? is it the loss of the person or the lost of me? i am scared of uncertainties while uncertainties is a certain in life. so, am i afraid of life?

of whore and love addict. have you ever wonder, are they the same? if they are, why there is a need to have two terms to label them? i guess some things are different. for me, one is a physical affection hunter and another is an emotional care giver.. which is which? you decide..