Wednesday, December 5, 2012

of rain and umbrella..

i am stingy. there, i have made my confession. no, this is true. i am so stingy, sometimes i wish money falls from the sky or better, i have the power where every time i shop, i dont need to pay, instead people pay me. what? talk about crazy talk. anyway, the weather lately has been unforgiving. the rain, i mean how many water vapour has been turned into droplets in these months? the amount of rain is just insane! but, being the stingy me, buying an umbrella was never an option. until that one rainy day. it cannot be fine since it rained and i spent money!

went out with a friend of mine to get him something. well, it was for his class but that is not the focus here. the focus here is the outing. went to a mall to visit the party shop that may have it. and nope, they dont. okie. sad one over there. then, things got worse. rain started to fall. okie, major downpour actually. i was like what?? why must it rain like this? i should not have agreed to go out.. but if not, i will be at home, moping.. whatever. we needed to make a move. no other option. WE MUST BUY UMBRELLAS. BUY. not really my favorite word. huhu, but desperate time calls for desperate spending. i bought myself an umbrella and to be honest, it hurts till now. haha, im exaggerating..