Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Finding a partner..

Once, a lecturer of mine asked me this question whether I have anyone at the moment. To be honest, I have no one at the moment. Since my break up 3 years ago, I found it hard to fall to another person. It is not that I am not moved on, but the fact that I am now more conscious in my search for a partner. I am no longer open for game; I am ready to settle down.

From the previous relationships, I have learnt what I want in my partner. I don’t look for perfection; I know such does not exist. I will look for someone who loves me the same way and the same amount as I am towards the person. The feeling must be mutual. Flaws, I will learn to tolerate it. Tolerance is important. I don’t plan to change the person I love into something I want because I know; changing the essence of someone will kill the person you love. Believe me, I know this for sure. In my past relationships, I did love them for what they are, not how they are. There are things that I tolerated because I treasured the relationship more than the little things that bother me. It is safe to say, I never break up due to little things, usually it is because of love faded or we found someone else during conflicting times.

So, I am now trying to open my heart again to accept someone new into it. To fill in the gap left by the one before. I hope the next one will be the last, or my last lesson.

*love is in the air*