Friday, February 8, 2013

Becoming a ghost writer..

First of all, what is a ghost writer? A ghost writer is a writer who writes stories on behalf of others, such as biography writers. Well, it has always come to me that maybe someday I will make a living from writing. Once, I wanted to become a columnist because somehow I know how to give advice but never really know how to follow one. However, I know I can never be a good columnist because of several reasons. Firstly, I don’t write that often, please you can just from the frequency I update this blog. Haha. Second, I need full information on something before I embark on the journey of writing the piece, lacking in any aspect will make me worried sick. Huhu. Last but totally not least, I am an emotional writer. I write when the mood is right. If not, no matter how hard I try, nothing will come out. So, columnist is no longer in the list of future prospect. Haha

Why ghost writer? Well, I love to be someone else for once. Listening to their stories about their lives and writing down the stories for them and in the same time, imagining what it is like to live their lives. Sometimes, life is different when you see from a different set of eyes. Your problems might be nothing to them and your success might mean nothing to some. It makes you realise life does not revolve around you only. Life is about the reality that you create but you are not the only actor, others are involved and in their mind, they are a director as well, just as you are. So, being a ghost writer will totally open up your perspectives, and also gives you a chance to be in the shoe of others, let it be too big or too small to fit you. The feeling will not last, but the memories will.

*job prospect*