Monday, February 18, 2013


Secrets are things that you decide not to tell others about. Maybe because the thing is hurtful, embarrassing or just plain personal. The person that you told your secrets to must be someone special to earn such a trust from you. Usually, secrets involves you but at the expense of others. They will be people affected by that secret that you decide to keep to yourself.

I know this for certain for I am a victim of secrets at the moment. One’s uncertainty resulted in me being in deep trouble. Not that I want to blame the person, but the person action has made me in a very troubled situation at the moment. Let me not elaborate since it is personal. Another case of secret victimising me is I know a secret that someone has decided to keep from the knowledge of the family despite knowing how it will affect the family. I am in no power to reveal it because it does not concern me personally but the people around me. At times, I do feel like telling but it will be a breach of trust and also it is nowhere my rights to do so. I hate keeping secrets. Especially when it is not mine..

*zipping my mouth shut*