Friday, May 24, 2013

beginning of the end..

as most of you have figured out, i am a uni student. currently i am in my final year and like normal final year student, i am in my internship and in the process of finishing my thesis. two things that i am not good at. however, i must pass through this just to make sure i can continue with life. i had enough of all these pressured life because i am doing something i dislike.

so, the holiday begins. yeay to everyone. however, it also marks the beginning of zombification of the whole batch due to the thesis. this sem is so cray cray, they decided to put thesis alongside internship and expect us to show up and discuss with supervisors. bitch, aint nobody got time for that. we do daily planning in our internship for that's the requirement of the field. we aint working with papers, it's people or to be exact, children and teenagers. nobody got time for thinking about elaborated essays and research when daily encounters are as vicious as gladiators battle. by the way, i have developed a health condition due to the internship. yeah, beginning of the end.. of my life!

so, will try to finish whatever i need to do in order to graduate. to be honest, i am sick and tired of this..


Liyana Othman said...

how i wish the faculty would read this.

junior_sysco said...

haha, kan? it would be a bliss for them to know our situation..