Monday, May 27, 2013

unable to kickstart..

two weeks break that was meant for relaxation and joy. who am i kidding? it was meant to finish whatever we have left to end our studies and not make the faculty to be in deep shit if we as a group failed to graduate. what? i am looking from their perspective now, not only mine. okie, if i failed to finish my thesis (god forbid!), i will need to extend my study and stay here for another semester. however, if the whole batch is having the same thought, the faculty will be the one facing the consequences for they are the one in question by the university for why such phenomenon happened. to be honest, i wanted to extend just to see the faculty in trouble, but i need power of the majority and from what i can see, most are busting their ass off to finish the thesis. okie, damnation of the faculty is not possible now. huhu.

anyway, coming back to the title, i am actually still trying to start my thesis writing. seriously, i am unable to start. i have no idea how. i have no idea how to write something that has a high possibilities of rejection and might need rewriting. i hate editing. i know what i want to do and everything, but to realise it on paper is just hard. or maybe my mind is playing tricks on me saying that they are hard. have no idea which is which. but yeah, the biggest problem now is i have no idea how to start the writing process. i should surrender to fate i think and let it show me how far i can do..