Saturday, June 22, 2013

picking up the pieces..

i know this is too late but i will do my best to fix this. oh, i mean my current situation. how grateful i am for i have finished my internship. the problem was the work, not my colleagues, they were magnificent. could not ask for better ones. helpful and all. the only problem is my aptitude does not suit the work line. luckily i was given the chance to figure that out early. if not, i might die of heartache at really young age. haha

so now, only one thing left in front of me between my graduation and i. it is my mini thesis. yes, mini. i know it is my own fault for not doing it in the first place but you know, the idea of unable to pursue with what you wanted is underwhelming. however, it is my fault for dwelling in the abyss for way too long. i am usually strong willed, but with so many hateful things happening around me and being in constant annoyance with myself and the life, i have become weak. this is actually the first time i decided to ditch studies when it has always been my escapism. call me a geek, nerd or dork, i am guilty as charged.

i know now it is too late already to begin with and maybe finish in time, but you know what, i will just do it for the sake of satisfying myself. this is what i am good at, studying. i should be able to do this. i should do it for myself, not for others. as for grading, this would be one time that i will not fret on whatever that i will get because i know, this maybe seems like a rush work for you supervisor, but for me, this is my self redemption to myself. i owe this to me.