Saturday, June 8, 2013

Struck by lightning..

have you ever watched a movie and later become afraid to move on with life because your life is exactly like the movie and the movie did not end well? well, that is Struck by Lightning to me. i see my life the way Carson saw his. no one around you understands you and you somehow speak in a different frequency or brain wavelength to others. you have a dream that you want to pursue and your really hope people agree with you and your dreams. the truth is, nobody cares. some even have the heart to destroy the dream you have. then, you saw your doom. you feel like life worth nothing and you give up in hope. then, somehow a sprinkle of hope appears in your mind and you feel rejuvenated and believe that life will be better after this for you. just when you start to be positive again, BAM, you got struck by lightning, died and your body was discovered only after 3 days.

well, as for me, so far, i have gone through most of what he had gone through. the only thing left is finding that sprinkle of hope and start looking at life positively again. somehow, due to that movie, i dreaded that moment. i am somehow afraid that the ending of this movie will be the same for me as well. struck by lightning without having a chance to prove myself and make my existence worthy. i know it is crazy to refer my life to a movie but it felt so real, i am scared..

here's the trailer if you guys are interested in the movie


Haki said...

I'm gonna watch this movie. REBEL WILSON!

junior_sysco said...

watch it! a very good indie movie and the script was written by chris colfer himself! if you have strong internet connection you can watch it here

Haki said...

Haha.. it's not so fast that I can watch a movie on the internet without buffer. I am downloading it. But, thanks. :)