Monday, July 15, 2013

halted life..

the last few entries have been revolving around the same theme and issue. well, this will be the last of them. regarding that thingy that is holding my life back and not making it possible to move forward. yup, my mini thesis. it is official now that i am not graduating on time due to it. on one hand, i am distraught by this revelation because i never had to actually repeat or failed a subject here in uni, so this is a first. however, on the other side, well, i guess more time for me to send something that i can actually be proud of to say mine. haha, who am i kidding, knowing me, all my work will be done in a rush manner. the only thing that keeps me going is my drive to escape death. LOL.

why with the title? well, that title is actually self explanatory but i will take my time to explain it anyway. why? it's up to me hehe. my life is halted because i cannot move forward with it. i am at a junction of both work and study but i cannot choose one and i cannot choose any at all. the situation does not allow me to move forward. so, here i am in this continuous loops of early and mid adulthood. a place where i have all the responsibility of a mid young adult but a capacity of an early just-passed-teenage-years adult. i need to care for something financially but working is not an option that is clear. shackles are on my ankle and wrist and all i can do is look around feeling numb.

need to be positive about life because life without positivity is not a life at all.



See you around! Anddddd hoping to see the shackles - left on the ground someday. :)

junior_sysco said...

I hope for the same too for them shackles.. Get off me so I can dance and paint the world.. , see you around although not that often.. :)