Saturday, July 20, 2013

The journey home..

Despite not finishing my studies this sem, I decided that this will be the last time I stay there. So, I packed my stuff, said my goodbyes and drove home. Yeah, the lecturer gave me the freedom to work through email so I am able to make such a decision. To be honest, I don't know how well will my life be because I have lived here for the past 5 years. Going back home equals starting anew somehow due to the unfamiliarity it has towards me now. To be honest, I am never at home in my own housing area. I went to different school, I played different games. Most of the time, I am the outcast. So, yeah, this time around, being older, maybe I'll finally learn how to get along with people around me. Huhu, plus, I need to find work to finance myself. I am no longer under the support of my study loan. Now, where can I find work that allows me to be a student as well? I guess it is up for me to find out. Home. At peace and turmoil.



You're in penang now? :(

junior_sysco said...

yup, been in penang since july 19th..