Wednesday, January 8, 2014

of waiting and uncertainties..

ugh, i hate waiting. it makes me anxious as heck! i hate living in uncertainties. i am a planner hence i must know everything before i make my move. however, at the moment, i am doing nothing, i am just waiting. waiting for an answer that will end my misery. ugh, how much do i want this wait to be over? everything because this answer i am waiting will be the determiner of whether my life could proceed or not. to be honest, in this span of few months, i have been put in this situation multiple times. i hate this feeling of not knowing when can i do something. it's like being crippled. ugh, please, i just want to end everything!!!

i am such a control freak huh? whatever that is not within my control makes me anxious. i should really need to learn how to calm down.. but seriously? this is a crazy time to be chilling out. i need to get things over and done with.

*losing my sanity*